Parents weekend restaurant guide!

At the risk of sounding completely heartless, one of my favorite aspects of parents weekend is not eating in a dining hall. You don’t have to worry about splitting the bill/not having cash/choosing a restaurant you don’t like/eating with people you don’t like/feel guilty for not eating in the dining hall; the benefits are essentially endless. Here’s a list of restaurants that I’d recommend visiting. Click below to see the full list.

1. Heirloom*. It’s the restaurant at the base of The Study hotel, which is pretty close. The food is really delicious, albeit pricy (the two, surprisingly, often come hand in hand), and perfect for those occasions you don’t have to split the bill.

2. Miyas*. The menu is incredibly imaginative; on more than one occasion, I’ve wanted to try two-dozen different rolls at once. It’s a struggle. In the case of parents weekend, you have the opportunity to take control of the ordering and impress your family by “knowing what to order” (read: ordering anything and everything you’ve always wanted).

3. Oaxaca Kitchen. If your family isn’t into asian cuisine or pizza, Oaxaca Kitchen may be a good option for you. The menu is diverse (unless you’re vegetarian), the beans and rice that come with each entree are incredible, and the chips and salsa are pretty fantastic for being a simple precursor to your meal. It’s a tad pricey for the food quality, but it’s also parents weekend.

4. BAR Pizza. They’re generally strict about eating there if you’re under 21 after 5:00pm, but according to the BAR website, coming with your “parent or guardian” shouldn’t be a problem. Since they offer some of the best pizza in New Haven, I woud capitalize on that whole having parents around thing and make a reservation now. Aside from the delectable bacon & mashed potato pizza, try their salad (you can’t miss it, they only offer one). It’s actually phenomenal.

5. Prime 16*. I took my family here last year, and they loved it. I come from a family of four boys (including my dad) and a mother who doesn’t mind the occasional delicious burger, so it worked out well. They offer a wide array of tasty hamburgers, SWEET POTATO FRIES, and a bunch of delicious appetizers. It’s also cheaper than most places on this list!

*This will be a busy location, given it’s parents weekend and just because it’s a weekend.

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