Pinning down the best title ever

ugh, what's in a name?

This is the ultimate proof that the Herald has made it. Or something.

By now, you should have read “Pinning Down Connecticut,” an excellent cover story from the Nov. 2 issue of the Herald, by Colin Groundwater, ES ’15. It presents a nuanced look at the stakes in the the Connecticut Senate race between Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon, which the Associated Press called in favor of Murphy shortly after state polls closed at 8 p.m. tonight.

What you might not have read is a different article by the exact same title. This rendition of “Pinning Down Connecticut” is a New Yorker piece by Connecticut native Andrew Marantz. It is dated yesterday, Nov. 5th; as you might imagine from the title, it discusses the very same subject matter, although it does so in fewer words (597 as opposed to Groundwater’s impressive 3,650 — but who’s counting?).

We say that this is a classic case of apples and oranges. These are clearly two very different pieces, and there’s no reason that they should have any problem bearing the same name. That being said, we do take the New Yorker‘s choice as a validation of our own work. What’s up, big leagues?

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