Post-sandy halloween: I see dead people

(wikimedia commons)

Did you think that New Haven had escaped Sandy unscathed??? While this might is true for Yale (thx Linda) Sandy has passed but not without some remnants.  First, Halloween has been cancelled for New Haven kids  and today in more spooky scary news a human skeleton was unearthed! The New Haven Independent reported that a woman made a gruesome discovery this morning when she uncovered human remains at the base of a toppled tree on the Upper Green near the corner of Chapel and College.

Luckily, the police do not suspect foul play.  In fact, the Green is actually home to many more human remains than just these, in its former incantation it served as a burial ground for New Haven before it was replaced by the Grove Street Cemetery in 1821.  However it was too expensive to move all of the bodies,they instead only moved the gravestones to the Grove Street cemetery but left the remains behind.  Hopefully, in order rule out foul play the police will need to do some forensic research. This might tell us if it is the remains of one of the cemetery’s more famous occupants such as Benedict Arnold’s first wife or members of Rutherford B. Hayes’s family!

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