Prefrosh: 100 things that are actually cool (that you won’t find in your pamphlet)

So you’ve seen the scene, you’ve done the activities bazaar, you already have 1,000 emails about some club you should join. Well, we’ve decide to make this easy for you. Here are the 100 coolest things at Yale (and 100 things that seem cool now, but won’t be once you’re here). Don’t take this for granted.
  1. To-go margaritas at Bulldog Burrito
  2. The collection of every School of Art Graduate’s Thesis in the A&A library
  3. Miya’s Sushi
  4. The roofs of SSS, Silliman, and Loria
  5. The Yale Women’s Slavic Chorus
  6. Skappo Mercado
  7. Friends with houses on the Cape and islands
  8. The walkway between the YDN and the Af-Am house that takes you from the world of residential colleges to the world of off-campus parties
  9. Amy Hungerford
  10. The Green Room in SML
  11. The Yale Center for British Art
  12. Paul Bloom
  13. Harold Bloom
  14. Getting Yale to fund a 6-week beach vacation in Kenya this summer
  15. The Caseus Cheese Truck
  16. Tailgates
  17. Bella’s
  18. Photography teachers (namely, Ben Donaldson and Lisa Kereszi), photography classes, and the darkroom
  19. The Yale Herald and The Bullblog
  20. Alexander Nemerov
  21. The stacks
  22. College seminars
  23. The Goodwill on Foxon Boulevard
  24. Spring Fling
  25. The Pantry
  26. David Blight
  27. Robert Thompson’s “The Black Atlantic Visual Tradition” and “New York Mambo”
  28. Seeing Yale-run shows every weekend
  29. TUIB
  30. The Yale farm
  31. Fashionista
  32. ENGL 467: Journalism
  34. Having a car on campus
  35. Intro Psych
  36. Brimfield antique market
  37. The things inside Beinecke, not just its “innovative architecture”
  38. The Game (when it’s at Yale)
  39. Drinking during the day
  40. English 120
  41. Sushi palace
  42. Yum Yum Yale
  43. Knitted Y Sweaters
  44. Day trips out of New Haven
  45. “Free” sparkling water in unlimited quantities
  46. The library’s online image collection
  47. Akkadian (apparently)
  48. Dining hall coconut macaroons
  49. The Place
  50. English Market
  51. Having a bike on campus (note: it does NOT have to be a single speed road bike or look “vintage”).
  52. The Crossword Competition with Will Shortz
  53. Yale’s proximity to Mystic Seaport
  54. The Lizzie
  55. Crashing crush parties
  56. The kettle corn guy
  57. Saying “I go to school in New Haven”
  58. Late-night bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches from Gourmet Heaven
  59. The Amistad
  60. Mamoun’s
  61. The Peabody museum
  62. Wenzels (don’t know what this is yet? Ask any upperclassman)
  63. Lazer tag
  64. Monty, the Yale Law School dog
  65. The Yale Polo team
  66. Yale Dancers shows
  67. Jamestown, First Town in America and Plume Giant
  68. The steam tunnels
  69. Barcelona (the restaurant)
  70. Alumni tents at tailgates
  71. Chicken tom yum at York Street Noodle
  72. Rudy’s (if it ever re-opens)
  73. Wednesday Toad’s
  74. SIC InC
  75. The ski team
  76. Steven Smith
  77. Broad Recognition
  78. The Yale Club of New York’s summer Thursday socials for undergrads
  79. Sledding on the Divinity School hill
  80. The Wine Thief
  81. Lighthouse point
  82. The Dramat
  83. The breakfast, nightlife, and birthday parties at York Street Café
  84. Jstor, Artstor, Factivia, LexisNexis
  85. Ivygate
  86. Moving to Yale 2 (Brooklyn) after college
  87. Richter, OFP, Linck, the Sig Ep fellowship
  88. WYBC
  89. Kitchen Zinc
  90. French 75s
  91. Using the college basement tunnels to avoid rain, snow, or cold
  92. Online shopping during class
  93. East Rock
  94. Rainboots (seriously. you will need these).
  95. The Divinity school library
  96. The Slavic Reading Room
  97. The Leitner observatory and planetarium
  98. Ivy Noodle
  99. GSPCY
  100. And, excuse our earnestness, but: going to school with a bunch of incredibly talented, intelligent and amazing people and taking classes with wonderful professors.

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  1. required says:

    spot on, all of it

  2. yo says:

    could this possibly be more humanities major/rich hipster – centric? the bullblog staff really needs to diversify.

  3. Agree with the guy above says:

    Also, to any prefrosh who read this list: just because the Herald staff spends their fridays driving their on-campus car to their friend’s house in Cape Cod (which they refer to as “the Cape”) while sipping on free sparkling water and wearing knitted Y sweaters, it doesn’t mean that the entire campus is this pretentious.

  4. Christian Lander says:


  5. Romney2012 says:

    Are you rich? Are you liberal? Are you (or did you date) a girl with an interest in photography?

    If you answered yes to these three questions this is the list for you.

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