Reading week is actually a week!

This could be you! (wikimedia commons)

If your mailbox is as perceptive as my mailbox is, then it automatically sorts every message from Classesv2, UCS, and Mary Miller into your junk folder. So you probably missed the incredible news:

Yale added another day to Reading Week! Shwiing! Now, we can pretend we’re studying for finals for a FULL week. Here are some ideas on how to procrastinate for seven days:

– Road trip to Canada. Smuggle something back.

– Go on a brief sabbatical to study meditation. Become a yogi.

– Do in-depth research on the relationship between college students and frozen yogurt. Publish it.

– Enter a sweepstakes for a Sandals weekend getaway. Invite me, cause it was my idea.

– Literally anything but read!

Thank you Mary/Yale. We students are very grateful for the full week and excited to try a pre-finals Master Cleanse.

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