Ricky, couldn’t you be just a little bit more like Drew?

She’s got that ambiguous name and Goethic surname, that adorable smile, pretty pearls, and office hours.  Faust holds office hours twice a semester, in which she has been known to tear up and inspire kids to accomplish all their goals!  Every single one!

Ricky, we know you watch Sam Tsui’s videos (and love da doox!), but you’ve been consistently refusing those snowdays and office hours and we have had enough!

In all seriousness, I think that the Yale administration is pretty far off and doesn’t really attempt to establish a relationship with the campus.  I don’t know about you guys (especially you, doox), but I don’t think I really know anything about Levin.  It would be great to hear from him every once in a while—and if I had something significant to say to him, other than that I really wish the University could provide Branford students more appropriate places to vomit so they don’t have to do it in the basement halls all the time, I would appreciate the forum. I think a lot of students would take advantage of it and that the administrators would benefit from getting a feel for what is on students’ minds (although they could just read the Bullblog).

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  1. Right On says:

    Pip pip. That is the best suggestion I have heard in a long time. Sadly, I can’t think of many things less likely to happen. Maybe if students pretended to be Chinese Universities and/or Corporations, Rick would be a little more interested in humoring the idea…

  2. You're just ignorant says:

    Levin used to hold office hours weekly. Like most professors’ they were woefully underattended. Only one person would ever come. Levin reads and responds to his emails personally.

    I know that having a blog is supposed to excuse you from doing actual journalism, but learning the name of Harvard’s president is really not enough research to justify this post.

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