Secret Society 2013: Who they are, and how they got in!

The annual post you’ve all been waiting for… This year’s members of the top three Yale societies and the activities that got them in. Who are they? Will they be President one day? Are these really the most talented people in the junior class? What? How the hell did he get in? All these answers and more below. We’ve been madly researching them for the past few weeks but if you see any mistakes feel free to send them to


Jacob Paul
Went to Alaska last summer, is very serious about the trumpet (actually!), did National Quiz Bowl in high school and is in the band Jamestown.

Dakota McCoy
“Once discovered several strange skulls that were classified as rodent-like”.

Julian Reid
Head of the “Julian Reid Jazz Trio,” plays in Stiles once a week with Orlando Hernandez (Keys ’13).

Meredith Potter
Miss Teen North Carolina first runner up 2005!!!!!!!!

Ilana Harris-Babou
Former Bullblog Crush of the Week, excellent at knitting.

Yishai Schwartz
Won the DS prize despite thinking they should make more time for the Hebrew bible. 

Amalia Skilton
Apparently her friends believe her to be a superhero. 

Fatymatou “Tyma” Dia
A Senegalese member of Asempa who is currently studying abroad in Jordan.

Max de La Bruyere
An adorable Canadian ginger who “wouldn’t call himself a writer but loves trying.”

Teddy Collins
Andover class of 2008 president whose real name is Tantum and has a vaguely foreign accent.

Maddy Sharp
Is  “proud to be a Bulldog“!

Elizabeth Asai
Hosted an end-of-summer Yale-in-Washington pool party.

Bay Gross
Hacked his way in.

Lawrence Lim
Wanted to be in the teacher prep program.

Samer Sabri
Wrote a majority of the content on the “Useful Applications” page of the Yale Wiki page.

Wolf’s Head

Katie Ballaine
A St. Ann’s graduate and a squash player.

James Campbell
Once played a highly contested game of croquet, dating Hope Weissler (WH ’12).

Gus Steyer
A legacy and a BD.

Omar Njie
Once attended a Super Sweet Sixteen party that was on MTV.

Nathan Yohannes
A Pierson Master’s Aide who has been to Indonesia.

Victoria Buhler
Is rumored to have dated James Franco.

Adriana Ortiz
A slam poet.

Ellie Morse
Made a super helpful video about radiators.

Sanjena Sathian
Needs help with her cover letters.

Michael Solotke
A carillonneur. 

Kevin Lunn
Heartthrob cross country runner (and blogger!)

Diana Enriquez Schneider
Don’t call her Die-ann-uh.

Nolan Becker
6’6”!, was on the varsity bowling team in high school

Brian Ruwe
Father was a football captain, Wolf’s Head member.

Efe Chantal Ghanney
Considers herself a “citizen of the world”.

Leeron Tur-Kaspa
Still has a myspace! 

Scroll and Key

Henry Gottfried
Attended the same premiere for “It’s Complicated” as Allison Williams, did puppet theater with Willa Fitzgerald.

Willa Fitzgerald
Dramat diva!, was in the straight-to-DVD film For the Love of a Dog, Cory Finley (Keys ’11) is her  boyfriend.

Orlando Hernandez
A tap dancer and drummer who once played in the Ezra Stiles dining hall with Julian Reid (Bones ’13).

Nicolas Medina Mora
Has an accent, thinks everything is fascist. 

Diana Saverin
Rae Bichell (Key’s 12)’s protégé.

Aaron Feuer
Thinks that “Making copies on the Senate floor is the coolest place to make copies.

David Carel
His parents wish he’d be “more respectful“.

Adele Jackson-Gibson
Wants to be a DJ next year.

Jessica Oddie

Cassius Clay
Took a semester off to be Kanye West’s stylist.

Xiaosheng Mu
Apparently a math genius.

Sinye Tang
“Lives to make people challah”.

Christy Nelson
The Softball captain who, “with ten homers in two years is more than halfway to the school record of 17,” and has only been caught stealing once.

Josh Penny
50 most 2012!

Natalia Emanuel
Rahm’s niece!

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