Secret Society 2014: Who they are and how they got in!

The gist of it. (Wikimedia)

The Rumpus gives you raw data. The Bullblog gives you context. (And Kitty Sherrill, too, to round out Wolf’s Head 2014.) Freak out, everybody. The list is here. To those mentioned below, we hope this list provides an ice-breaker for your new panlists!


Frankie Costa
Wrote, arranged, performed, recorded and produced the hit single “Earth Angel”

Cindy Ok
A writer and die-hard ENFP <3

Terrence Chin-Loy
Hailed on Facebook as “America’s favorite Jamaican tenor!”

Chandler Rosenthal
A consistent underachiever.

Sesenu Woldemariam
Not to be confused with the name of every obscure Harry Potter character.

Leah Sarna
Wrote an essay entitled “Eli” at age 13.

Gabe Murchison
Find him on Etsy?

Kyle Huztler
“He is interested in American economic competitiveness issues.”

Katie Leiby
Knows the secrets of the Eiffel Tower.

Josh kalla
Debate partner of the “Earth Angel” kid.

Beau Palin
Showed Chloe Drimal his silky sheets and bull testicles

Becky Aston
Slammed Exeter with her poetry.

Jan Kolmas
His website has a nice color scheme.

Katie Aragon
A new twist on an old favorite.

Wazhma Sadat

Wolf’s Head

Beth LaBossiere
Plays volleyball, is a sorceress.

Bryan Epps
Whether he is hiking, exploring New Haven’s East Rock or planning YCC projects…

Alda Pontes
Also played volleyball, serving 0.2 aces per set.

Geoffrey Litt
Cellist, roboticist.

Brandon Levin
Most Overused Word: “Ostensibly; it’s terrible, but I use it all the time.”

Ethan Karetsky
Similar to Gavin Degraw, Sister Hazel

Cody Wilkins
Tells jokes about having sex with women!

Gwen Tilghman
Shoutout to her favorite words: quell and pernicious!

Isaac Wasserman
The Herald discovered him first.

Julie Aust
Former transporter (?) of Redhot & Blue.

Andrew Winter
Branford IM squash captain, according to Herald shout-out.

Ifeanyi Awachie
Changed her Google+ profile picture in 2011.

Raquel Zepeda-Garcia
Her impostor has an account on

Katherine Sherrill
New Orleans debutante and IM Hockey Champion.

Harry Graver
Interned at College Humor.

Chelsea Lane
Famous for her supporting role in “Sh*t Harpists Say”


Alec Joyner
Wears a scarf in a YouTube video WITH AN AD.

Andrew Hendricks
“Has become used to receiving strange looks…”

Ava Kofman
Got trolled by The Anti-Yale.

Eli Mandel
D.H. Lawrence is stuck in his head. Get him out!

Camilla Tomlinson
So good at squash they made a caricature of her.

Deniz Uz
Has a key to Battel Chapel; former suitemate of Michael Rosen, Keys ’14

Jun Luke Foster
Tickles the ivories.

Katherine Lawrence
Is reading Beloved and really likes it so far.

Nia Holston
524 tweets, but her account is private :(

Liang Yu
Presented “The Evolution of the Sunyaev-Zel’dovich Effect Scaling Relation of Galaxy Clusters”

Madeline Yozwiak
Favorite food: Mango Gelato. Favorite type of panel: Solar Panel. 

Melissa Chapman
A fast runner.

Michael DiScala
Not this guy.

Michael Rosen
Danced topless in a multipurpose room.

Zora Howard
Merchandise available here.


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