It's so BEAUTIFUL! (

Hey, guys!  It’s snowing outside.  Did you know it was snowing outside?  We didn’t, but now we do because our friends have posted about it on Facebook.  The Bullblog would like to perform a similar function for you, in case you don’t have friends on Facebook or your friends on Facebook aren’t as well-informed as ours about the state of precipitation in New Haven: it’s snowing.

Now that you know what’s up, what are you going to do?

There are two main routes you can take: Embrace the snow, or reject it.  

If you’re down to embrace the snow, you can make Yale’s campus your own Winter Wonderland.  Grab hot chocolate, cute knit items, and on-trend boots and brave the elements!  Take a picture of a tall building at Yale with some snow on it and slap on an Instagram filter (the Instagram filter might make it really difficult to tell that there’s snow on the tall building, but it will show that you have your own special artsy flair.)  In honor of last night’s election, make a Snowbama and a Snomney, and pelt which ever snow-candidate you like least with snowballs until he collapses!  What a great snow day!*

If you’re over all of this glorified rain, reject the snow by taking on a totally subterranean existence (thanks to Bass, Thain Family Café, and the college basements, this is shockingly easy to do at Yale.)  Comment snarky things like “Thanks for the news-flash” and “Really?  It’s snowing?” on your happy friends’ Instagrammed pictures of tall buildings with snow on them.  When you do have to go above-ground for a few minutes, show your refusal to give in to the winter paradigm by rocking shorts and a T-shirt.  What snow day?

*This route is best embraced by students from California, Hawaii, or south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

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