Spring Fling Committee, why must you play with our hearts?

So… I eat my words. Rumors are flying that the Spring Fling committee just did that to fool us.  Maybe the Spring Fling committee wasn’t that stupid after all. Maybe I am. Whatever, make fun of me for it Ivygate/ Rumpus/ whoever. I don’t care. I appreciate the Spring Fling Committee’s sense of humor. I hope they continue to have one when we break the rest of their lineup. For now, the updated source code from their site:

In all seriousness though, why would you leak Michelle Branch when all you can get is Designer Drugs?

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  1. eatshitndie says:

    SFC 1, Bullblog 0

  2. says:

    SFC we coulda made history ughhhhhhhhhhh why god why

  3. miranda says:

    Where is the Michelle Branch for Spring Fling facebook group?

  4. says:

    guys this will not stand. we need branch and we need her now. it has been 8 years I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER TO GET MY BRANCH FIX!!!!!!

  5. says:

    Spring Fling could have been a dream. instead, YCC has made it a nightmare.

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