The Official Bullblog Harvard – Yale Dictionary, 2010 Edition

You may not want to talk to Cantabs in Cambridge, but if you have the unfortunate experience of having to converse with them you should at least be able to understand what they’re saying. We’ve made a handy Harvard Speak to Yale Speak dictionary so even if you’re not on the same page and even if they’re really low on your book of coolness, which is pretty extensive, you’ll be able to speak to each other in the same language.

Ad Board = ExComm
Anenberg = Commons
The Advocate = The Yale Lit
Arthur Schlesinger = William F Buckley
Blockmate = Suitemate
Cantab = Yalie
Comp = Heel
Conan O’Brien=Demetri Martin
Consent is Sexy = Glorious Consensual Sex.
The Co-Op= The Foot House/216 Dwight
Coop=Yale Bookstore
CORE=Distributional Requirements
The Crimson = The Yale Daily News
Darwin’s = Book Trader
Drew Faust = Richard Levin
Eva Delappe = Sarah Delappe
Facebook = The Cotton Gin
Final Clubs = Senior Societies
Freshman 15=50 most
Freshman expos=English 120
Gates = Alexander
Gordon Brown = Tony Blair
Grille = Buttery
Harvard Yard = Old Campus
The Hasty Pudding = The Pundits
Henry Kissinger = Dick Cheney
HerCampus = Movement for Beauty and Justice
Houses = Colleges
“I go to school in Cambridge” = “I go to school in New Haven”
Immediate Gratification Players (IGP) = The Purple Crayon
The Kong=Toad’s
The Krokodiloes = The Whiffenpoofs
Lamont aka Lamonster= Bass
The Lampoon = The Record
Mr Bartley’s = Louie’s Lunch
Natalie Portman=Clare Danes
On Thin Ice (OTI) = The Viola Question
The Oppurtunes = Da Doox
Peeing on the John Harvard statue= Peeing on the John Woolsey Statue
Peet’s = Willoughby’s
The Porcellian = Skull and Bones
Punch = Tap
The Quad = Silliman/TD
Rose Schlossberg = Tatiana Schlossberg
Signet Society = Elizabethean Club
Veritas = Lux et Veritas
Visual and Environmental Studies=Art
The Voice = The Herald
Widener = Sterling

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  1. je10 says:

    Conan O’Brien is more closely matched to famed Yale comedian/talk show host Dick Cavett, maybe?

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