The questions you’re too scared to ask Yale Dining

This doesn't actually happen

For the record, we’re too scared to ask Yale Dining these questions too. We just thought posting them would lead to increased intellectual discourse among students, that is, if debating That Death is the Mother of Beauty and/or Man is just another Animal with certain YPU parties wasn’t enough for you guys this week.

  • Whose mother are we talking about when we eat “My Mother’s Brisket”? My mother never makes brisket.
  • Where in India do they eat beef curry? Where in India do they eat “Indian Beef Curry”?
  • Is Peggy actually happy to see me this time, or is that just a different scowl from last time?
  • Does anyone eat General Tso’s Tofu on purpose? I once ate it because I thought it was chicken, and that was the first and last time.
  • What makes Jewish-style Tilapia so Jewish, and why is it served on holidays when Jewish students are fasting?
  • Why are oreo cheescake cups so much more delicious than everything else?
  • How many ways can you serve a combination of chickpeas and tomatoes? But actually, please don’t answer that one.

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