Things your Yale Health Plan won’t pay for

It's not always that sunny at Yale Health. (FLICKR / YALE UNIVERSITY)

If the rainy day’s getting you down and you’re looking for something to do, a trip to DUH (technically now known as Yale Health, although we’ll never acknowledge the name change) might start to sound like a real good time. It gets you out of your neighborhood, you get to see some new faces, and given the relative scarcity of day spas in New Haven, it could be a nice way to take care of yourself. A little pampering never hurt anyone! And a DUH visit has one very distinct advantage over a sojourn at a day spa — it’s covered by your student Yale Health Coverage Plan.

Mostly, that is. Here are a few Yale Health services for which, according to the Yale Health Student Handbook, the University will not foot the bill:

  • acupuncture
  • breast reduction surgery
  • personal comfort and convenience items
  • electrolysis or hair removal
  • hypnosis
  • maternity charges for a surrogate mother who is not a Yale Health member 
  • reversal of voluntary sterilization 
  • non-emergency transportation 
  • Cosmetic drugs, medication or preparations used for cosmetic purposes or to promote hair growth
  • drugs, implants, devices or preparations to correct or enhance erectile function, enhance sensitivity, or alter the shape or appearance of a sex organ


But for the most part, it looks like we’re good. Cya on Lock Street — make sure you get there using your own non-emergency transportation!

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