Thirsty! Thirsty!


Chance the Rapper is performing at Spring Fling. We are all stoked. That’s not to be debated. What concerns us most is who is the best at being the most excited. It’s the age-old who-is-more-obsessed-with-BeyoncĂ© paradigm. (#TBT to December 13th midnight Facebook statuses.) Chance is cool, because I discovered him. Did you see him at SOBs this summer? LOL, don’t even consider yourself a fan if you didn’t. Have you blogged about him?!! I DID FUCKING TWICE (on two of my Tumblrs and one WordPress). Did you change your status at 12:00:01 AM this morning asking Erica or Eli to marry you? Did you dream last night that James Blake might make a guest appearance? NYC is only like 1.5 hours away. It’s not completely unrealistic! Are you stoked to drop acid on Spring Fling?!?!?!?!?!!?!!? YAYAAAA!!!!!!!! Whatever your relationship with Chance is, exaggerate it. If you know anything less than everything about him, consider yourself a Joey Bada$$ fan.


All things considered though, this is fab.

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