Time magazine hates Yale

Time magazine (yes, it still exists) just released its list of the 10 best college Presidents, and Ricky Lev is nowhere to be found. Heading the list is Ohio State’s Gordon Gee, who admittedly sounds pretty fantastic in the profile. But who ever even heard of the other nine? Not me. Still, the list was dominated by big state schools (Middlebury College was the only exception), so they might have been using qualifications that left Levin out of the loop. But that explanation cannot possibly hold for Time’s list of the top 10 best Commencement speechs, which includes not one, but two from Harvard. And one from the Harrow School, which isn’t even in America (although Yale is indebted to it for producing Scene editor Nic Niarchos). But bottom line: no commencement speeches from Yale! Outrageous. Somebody get a boycott started.

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