Tip-off: Striver’s Row comes to Yale!!!!

Are you looking to do something this Friday night because if you spend another minute in an empty lecture hall in A and A you are going to go crazy but also can’t justify going “out” because those tens of pages that you have yet to write before the end of finals are haunting you? Do not fear — the perfect opportunity (one that might even inspire you to write your papers) is coming. Striver’s Row, a renowned slam poetry group, is visiting Yale this Friday. The event will be held at the Law School Auditorium; it features Alysia Harris (a Yale PhD student!), Joshua Bennett and Carvens Lissiant. The group’s work has been featured on HBO’s Brave New Voices, the Sundance Film Festival and TED. While we would generally be cautious about any performance lasting two and a half hours (7:30-10:00), their show at the White House literally brought Jill Biden to tears. Go go go! Then you can say that you and the most fabulous Second Lady since Floride Calhoun cried over the same thing!

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