Top five ways to guarantee that you won’t pass the first round of tour guide interviews


1. What restaurant would you recommend to visitors?

“Great question! New Haven is the perfect town for foodies. I really like the Panera next to my dorm…”

2. What is your favorite class?

“Structure of Networks for sure. It’s awesome because 500 people take it but in the end everyone gets an A!”

3. Can you tell us more about New Haven?

“An email I received from Yale’s Chief Ronnell Higgins said…”

4. What has your experience been like at Yale?

“Well, I’m in a frat so it’s been pretty dope so far. I honestly can’t remember most nights, so I guess that means I’m killing it.”

5. Why do you want to be a Tour Guide?

“It seems like a pretty good way to lay the ground work with next year’s freshmen.”

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