Watch the Throne


A new photo of the Duchess Kate, Duke William (I think that these are their titles but I’m not British so I really have no interest in the matter), their baby George (I’m guessing this is his name given the sweater he is wearing), and dog Lupo has surfaced and for some reason people care.

Am I the only one concerned that if William were to fall out the window that an eight month old child would be second in line for the throne behind a 65 year old whose teeth are so bad that they are putting his health at risk.  Also who does this ego maniac think he is, posing for photos while wearing a sweater with his name on it?  That’s almost as pretentious as wearing a Yale letter sweater anywhere other than old campus.

I think at this point in time I would rather have the dog be king; this could also make a great plot for a sitcom.

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