WEATHER: 7 Nov 12

Photography, an unstable medium. (Courtesy of the Yale Herald Web Master)

Snow flying in many directions today and my hair, wetted. Flakes, but no rain; snakes on an aircraft. Wetness and coldness, to be sure — everywhere. I’m not inclined to celebrate this turn towards winter, a girl texting as she runs through snow and her screen must be getting wet. There are gray skies, and the whiteness of flakes can only be seen against (unwilling) backgrounds, whether concrete or something else that (accidentally) acts as surface. Most impressive is that we are approaching 3:00 PM and the wind keeps pushing snow across the air. On the street, by LC, slush accumulates. An absence of light? Or simply an absence of things being lit up? Fait accompli, modus vivendi, veni, vidi, vici.
Rating: 1/2★

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