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Are you interested in campus events? Do you like arts and culture? Do you take Ritalin? Have you ever spent more than 35 minutes flipping through prom photos of someone you’ve never met on Facebook? Do you have an extensive rapport with the salesmen at Broadway Liquor? How about Wine Thief? Do you name and catalog squirrels you see around campus? Have you ever wondered why the Tijuana Taco Company truck has a storefront on Crown St next to Hula Hanks, like, once every seven months? Yeah?? Read the Bullblog—the no-bull source for what’s really happening on campus. Every day, the Bullblog will cover the major events that change the lives of all Yale students: Freshmen Screw, The Durfee’s renovation, The Great Swine Flu Riots of 2010, Duke’s Men jams. But we will also discuss the minutiae the Mainstream Media claim to have too much journalistic integrity to cover: the makeup of the line at Book Trader, small fluctuations in the ratios of fillings in Gourmet Heaven sandwiches, YPU elections, things irritating us on a given Monday. If Yale has an id somewhere under that gigantic superego, we want to find it.

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