Which Justin Bieber tattoo are you?

Buzzfeed rocks! Let’s make the Bullblog more like Buzzfeed! Find your spring break destination, and you’ll find the Justin Bieber tattoo you should get tattooed on your body! You can even get your tattoo drunk on spring break! I’ve heard San Juan has great 24 hour tattoo parlors. Super good Yelp reviews! Super clean! 

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

This tattoo screams Cabo, because you are only going so that you can show off your bikini bod in disposable camera pics. You got this tattoo just so that you can lift up your shirt if someone asks to see it. It’s a humble-brag to its core. No pun intended! LOL!


Mohegan Sun, Connecticut

You’re giving up for Lent. You just got your tax refund, and you’re trying to blow it in one night. You’re borrowing your friend on the football team’s car and making the 50 minute drive. You didn’t even rent a room. Pound a few Four Lokos, and either end the night spending the money you made on some strippers or sober up in a bathroom before driving back to New Haven with only a $5 bill in your pocket. Stop at Taco Bill on the way back and buy whatever it gets you.



You’re fresh out of ideas…


Paris, France

If you’re going to Paris for spring break, you’re both cooler than most and an asshole. You use roman numerals to describe more than just World War I and World War II. You choose to use the metric system, because you like complicating things.


New Haven, Connecticut

You said, “Fuck spring break! I love New Haven!” It’s basically the same thing as, “Fuck my calves! I love Jesus!” Same thing. Exactly the same thing. Nothing says DGAF like getting a Jesus tattoo on your leg, or spending an extra two weeks here.


Las Vegas, Nevada

This tattoo screams Las Vegas, mostly because of the direct correlation between casino legality and Native American reservations.


Miami, Florida

Duh. You go to Miami for every spring break . You even went in  high school (because you went to high school on the East Coast). It’s cheap, close, and predictable. Your “path” is a non-stop from JFK to MIA and the “word” is the Cosmo you’ll pick up in the airport.

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