Where’s the Beouf


Shia LaBeouf has recently been acting out in ways that would have even Beans and Twitty worried for his sanity.

Last week, Shia set up an art exhibit entitled #IAmSorry in which he stared at visitors through two eyeholes in a brown paper-bag.  This exhibition was not only just a daring work of art, but also a way to recycle the brown paper bag that he wore on the red carpet before the premiere of his most recent film a few days earlier, so the joke’s on you.

If Stevens, I mean LaBeouf, is looking to break into the art world with these recent stunts, then he is in luck because earlier this week he gained an endorsement from an influential online publication, the New York Times, written by one of the art world’s foremost faces of rationality and normalcy, James Franco.

For fans of his early work on the Disney channel, the child star can be seen this month in the family film, Nymphomaniac.

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