Yale admissions video cast revealed!

Many unaffiliated viewers of the new Yale admissions material are wondering about the names that go along with the smiling, singing faces of Yale. Given that the list of actors is fairly unhelpful for anyone looking to make “Student in Dean’s Office” into the next Sam Tsui, we’ve compiled a photographic index. Disclaimer: if you were wondering about the lack of British accent in Claire Gordon’s solo, bear in mind that most vocal performances came from the same six or seven people — everyone else is just lip-synching.

kobilibii Kobi Libii ’07: Theater Studies major + Improv Comedian

andrewlaw Andrew Law ’08: Former JAW Superstar

emmabarash Emma Barash ’11: Dramat Starlet

samtsui Sam Tsui ’11: YouTube Sensation, Duke’s Man

stanseiden Stan Seiden ’10: Actual Freshman Counselor, I think.

victoriasanchez Victoria Sanchez ’13: Token Freshman — Good for her.

jayfrisby Jay Frisby ’10: Former Whiff, Former Duke’s Man

clairegordon Claire Gordon ’10: YDN Sexbomb, Fourth Wave Feminist

benwexler Ben Wexler ’11: Token Ginger, Duke’s Man

johnriley John Riley ’10: Do-gooder, Duke’s Man

benflores Ben Flores ’10: Another Member of JAW

rachellaviola Rachel LaViola ’12: A capella Singer, Slavic and otherwise

patricklee Patrick Lee ’11: Grand Strategist

mallorybaysek Mallory Baysek ’11: Sings Her Own Part

tomsanchez Tom Sanchez ’12: Funniest Part of The Winter’s Tale

allisonwilliams Allison Williams ’10: Princess of JAW

brianwilliams Brian Williams: Father of Allison

benstango Ben Stango ’11: Yale Dems Prez

estherhyun Esther Hyun ’12: Not Intimidated by Murray Biggs

tessawilliams Tessa Williams ’10: Exit Player, No relation to Allison

emilyjenda Emily Jenda ’10: Theatrical Powerhouse

willstephens Will Stephen ’11: JAW, Besties with the Director

matthewgeorge Matthew George ’11: JAW, Besties with Will + the Director

ethankuperberg Ethan Kuperberg ’11: JAW, Is the Director

matthewprewitt Matthew Prewitt ’12: Also in JAW

gabehernandez Gabe Hernandez ’07: Not in JAW

There you have it, friends. We knew them before they were famous. Another disclaimer: The Bullblog is not responsible for any incidents of stalking that may result from this post. But we damn well better get tickets to all the soon-to-be sold-out JAW shows.

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  1. miranda says:

    stan seiden has lived on old campus for 3 of his yale years! He’s also a purple crayon comedienne.

  2. a voice says:

    Next you should publish a list of how the voices match up to the people! The kid who sings the lead is so awesome!

  3. I want Tom Sanchez's babies says:

    “Tom Sanchez ’12: The funniest part of The Winter’s Tale.”

    Damn straight.

  4. Ty Gur says:

    This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I’m embarrassed for the University.

  5. Bull Dog says:

    Shut it, Ty Gur. You’re in the wrong corner of the internets. Go to the YDN site if you wanna rag on this vid.

  6. You! says:

    You left out Kate Berman!


    and Cristina Costantini!!!

  8. Hunter Gray says:

    To the PR Dept of Yale University,

    I just saw the video “Why I Chose Yale” and I am INCREDIBLY EMBARRASSED for Yale and anyone associated with the school. At first I thought it was a Harvard video making fun of Yale — but realized it was a video made by Yale for Yale and immediately saw the need to write this letter to you.

    Please find every single video of this online — and PULL IT OFFLINE IMMEDIATELY. It will crush the school, the image, the prestige, and the true nature of the school. Yale is NOT a musical. I was part of the theatre program (extracurricularly) and this POORLY represents the University, including the theatre programs.

    Had I seen this, I would have chosen my second choice – Stanford – in a heartbeat.

    I have never been so embarrassed to be associated with Yale in my life.

    Hunter Gray
    Yale/Trumbull ’05

  9. um says:

    hunter. chill out. yeesh. and thanks for letting the internet know that you were accepted by stanford.

  10. BOZO says:

    @ Hunter. Good, we need less of you.

  11. also says:

    let’s not forget the lovely caroline minkus please. work that berkeley dining hall.

  12. Mott says:

    What, no vampires?

  13. Paul Boswell says:

    Wait, wasn’t Miles Jacoby in this. And I’m pretty sure he sung his part, pre-recorded of course.

  14. Dana says:

    @Hunter Gray:
    I’ve though of Yale as JUST AN OPTION for a college, but after seeing this video, it actually made me want to go there EVEN MORE! Seriously, these people are extremely talented and they definitely helped attract YALE to me more than ever before. Now Yale is my FIRST option. I WANT to be a part of this amazing community of lively, dedicated and talented students, eager to learn and have fun as well. You’re school is AMAZING, please don’t be embarrassed by it. In fact,you posting that comment just made YOURSELF look bad, because of your total lack of school spirit. I agree with @BOZO — this incredible student body needs absolutely less of people like you.

  15. Dana says:

    *YOUR school is amazing, I apologize for the typo.

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