Yale Blue is the New Black

Pad Thai is our fave too! (flickr/itsjack!)

If you wanna be hip/cool/trendybutnotWetSealtrendy/etc. you have probably sworn off the Yale bookstore as a potential clothing retail outlet. The Yale Crocs are literally so dope, but everybody has them! From one hipster to another, let me gift you a lil secret. The most exclusively dank Yale gear comes from the internet.  More specifically eBay. More more specifically, the Thai Craft Warehouse.

You might ask yourself what a Thai warehouse where crafts are made has to do with Yale. And oh boy, let me tell you! TCW currently has 14,077 items for sale. They cover all the retail bases, with departments ranging from Fisherman’s Pants to Renaissance & Pirates. As you can see, TCW makes a lot of shit. The things that aren’t shit are made in Yale Blue.

My favorite of all the TCW products is the fresh 2 death Chinese Serving Girl Thick Thai Silk Sleeveless Sac Dress – Yale Blue sz XL. The material is a nice “synthetic silk with northern Thai theme”, so you know exactly what you’re getting. That’s what I like about TCW: they’re real. But don’t worry! They also have things for men and children. I plan on getting all of my nieces and nephews their very own Children’s Reversible Chinese Silk Gown Yale Blue sz L. Oh and my boyfriend? He’s getting a pair of Rayon Mao Elastic Waist Pants Hieroglyphs in Yale Blue. I just love it when he wears elastic waist pants. ;)

It’s the season of gift giving, with Mardi Gras and Purim and all, so bid away. But please don’t outbid me on the Yale Blue Cuban Revolution Army Cap Thick Thai Cotton. I just love the classic retail intersection of thick Thai cotton and Che Guevara.

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