Yale celebrates Presidents Day

Instead of giving us the day off, Yale decided to celebrate the holiday by uploading a Facebook album called “Happy Presidents Day,” which contains Yale-related images of American presidents, like a photo of George W. Bush as a freshman (above), or of Gerald Ford as a JV football coach. The photos themselves are, for the most part, not super interesting, but the comments are gold, and mostly from people with no apparent Yale affiliation. For example, Aleksander Konrad Posielski provides this illuminating commentary on WIlliam Howard Taft: “William Howard Taft was a good guy, he opposed a central bank. However his successor, Woodrow Wilson was the worst thing to happen to this country.” Thanks, Aleksander.

(Image courtesy of the Yale Manuscripts & Archives Digital Image Database.)

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  1. Eddie G. says:

    Here are some things I’ve noticed about Yale under President Levin

    –Yale employee wages are slashed. Levin cites the bad economy.
    –Tuition increases at an exponential rate.
    ++Levin’s own pay increases proportionally.

    You do the math.

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