Yale ends teacher prep program, student participants unionize

No longer limited to the prize cap or Pierson’s annual jaunt to Italy, the budget bloodbath of the last two years is impacting Yale students in a new way with the end of the Teacher’s Prep Program. According to an e-mail sent by Tom James PC  ’12:
The Yale Undergraduate and Graduate Teacher Preparation Programs will be ending this June.  Although Yale has not made its official announcement, faculty and students within the program, as well as New Haven schools in which these students teach, have been notified.  The Teacher Preparation Program was not consulted in any way, and only the seniors of both programs will be allowed to finish.
For the uninitiated, Teacher Preparation and Education Studies is a non-major, teacher certification program for undergrads and graduate students Basically, Teacher Prep is Teach For America plus two years of work, eight course credits, and student teaching. Minus the i-banking backup-plan. Somehow I’m not surprised that there were 29 juniors and seniors in Teacher Prep to the 250 applicants to TFA. Still, Tom and other Teacher Prep particants aren’t going down without a fight–they’ve organized a meeting Thursday from 6-7 in the JE common room.
(Future) teachers of America, unite!

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  1. ds11 says:

    something seems odd about this coinciding with Yale’s funding of the New Haven Promise, and all of Yale’s self-promotion efforts surrounding it. Ending a teacher preparation program seems like just about the worst thing you can do for education.

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