Yale hosts pep rally, confusing already bewildered Freshmen

And they thought we needed a pep rally?! (wikimedia commons)

Last Saturday night, the Yale class of 2018 gathered in their residential colleges, applied Yale-themed temporary tats to various parts of their bodies, and headed to the Payne Whitney Gym to experience “Yale Up.”

Described in the Calendar for Opening Days as a gathering during which you, “Paint your face, don your Yale gear, and come learn some of Yale’s oldest (and newest) traditions”, the event included performances by different dance troupes and most importantly, by the Yale cheerleading team, who taught some of Yale’s traditional game day chants, which I’m sure you all know.

One especially lively part of the night included a competition among the frocos of each residential college. The participants had to spin around ten times then score with a basketball, then go back and tag their teammate, who did the same. All we had to do was watch! The residential college that cheered the loudest won the intramural points, regardless of whether or not they placed into the final round, which leads me to wonder what the point of the game was in the first place, or if I accidentally enrolled in summer camp, but whatever.

Event highlights included the free t-shirts and the baton girl. And how the residential college shield tattoos looked like massive hickeys.

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