Yale twitter panel: learn what a blog is

If you read the Bullblog, you might be interested to learn what a blog is—or, if you already know that, what twatter is. You have a chance this afternoon in LC, where a panel will be discussing new, social and online media. One of the panelists, Julian Dibbel, wrote a book called “Play Money: Or, How I Quit My Day Job and Made Millions Trading Virtual Loot.” While we too would like to make millions—so we could eat main courses at Union League—We strongly suspect that to make millions, one would have to employ the spam-comment tactics that have flooded the Bullblog’s comment moderation queue (FOR THE LAST TIME, NONE OF OUR READERS WANT TO BUY GENERIC VIAGRA CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP). If any of you out there do not have to read 280 pages of “Portrait of a Lady” this afternoon, please report back to us and tell us whether our suspicions are correct.
nb: I learned about this event by reading the Yale twitter. I can’t begin to address the cosmic significance of blogging about a Yale twitter panel I learned about on the Yale twitter—but it’s probably either very big or very small.

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