YCC Reinvents Itself


Recently, the YCC announced that it had been reinventing itself over the past semester.  It made the announcement via an informational graphic online. You’ll soon see it on the back of cereal boxes nation wide.

The reinvention includes bumping up the membership of the council from 35 to 70+ members, which is great because if there’s one thing I like more than people telling me that they know who is playing at spring fling, but that they can’t tell me, its more people doing it.

One of the “new projects” that the YCC is most proud of was making the switch from normal sized bagels to mini bagels in the Saybrook dining hall, a change that makes my enlarged heart break into pieces.  Rumors are circulating that once all of the large bagels are gone from campus, the YCC will try to switch the cage-free eggs to caged eggs.  How do you even eat eggs in a cage!?!

I hope that the YCC is stopped before Betty Who replaces Handsome Dan as our new mascot.

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