YDN board predictions

For all you folks dying to know what’s going on in that old building on York Street (and we’re not sure we count ourselves among you), here’s what we’ve heard so far about the potential future of the YDN. No matter what happens, it will have taken a long time. That’s what we’ve gathered from friends in the trenches when they’ve managed to emerge, exhausted, for periods of about fifteen minutes at a time.

Editor in chief: Max de la Bruyere ┬ásounds like he might be the front-runner, though we’re really rooting for Danny Serna, who may have coined the phrase “blackout in a can” in the oldest college daily in the country.

Managing Editors: David Burt, Everett Rosenfeld

News: Drew Henderson, Emily Foxhall

Online: Danny Serna

Opinion: Julia Fischer

Weekend: Erin Vanderhoof, Chase Niesner, Brenna Neghaiwi (author of the best YDN article this year), Nikita Lalwani

Culture: Eliza Brooks

Multimedia: Baobao Zhang

So those are some rumors about a few of the positions we’ve heard about! We’re not really sure what’s going to happen, but we do know that by tonight a lot of people will have a lot more time on their hands, and that a lot more will not be getting a lot of sleep anymore. Good luck everybody! Try to remember that this process, much like a cappella rush, sort of has an end, and that it’s coming soon.

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