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Who wore it better?

Tailoring, macrame, lumberjack-chic, taffeta — many words that I’ve heard on Project Runway could describe this fall’s latest trend. The dress is so NOW. The silhouette is having a moment....


Credit/D/Fail: October 2, 2015

Credit: Philadelphia The city that never sleeps! Is only an hourlong Metro North ride from this city of brotherly love and the squishiest pretzels ever. Home of Penn (where...

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the REAL Hillary email scandal

  everyone is all worked up about Hillary’s private email server. but her fundraising emails reveal some far more sinister truths about her campaign//lifestyle. i will expose her. so...


BREAKING: ‘Spectre’ Theme Song Released

Sam Smith did it. It’s called “Writings On The Wall.” It’s not very good. I stopped listening roughly halfway through it. But…….you can listen here: Another Bad Bond Song...


Cr/D/Fail September 25

Credit: Situationist International papers These papers, which are going to play a bigger part in your semester than you might have thought, can be found at the illustrious Beinecke...

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Cr/D/Fail September 18, 2015

Credit: Nalgene Water Bottles I recently purchased a Nalgene water bottle and I can say with full conviction that my life is 100 percent better. I’m more hydrated, my skin is...

why u should be a transfer student

Being a transfer student is honestly a sweet set-up, and one that so few people take full advantage of. Sure, you have to face the crushing loneliness of uprooting...