Off campus

Ben McCoubrey

The man, the myth, the gingham

Professor John Walsh’s, JE ’61, thoughtful gaze, quiet attention, and calming candor more immediately evoke the demeanor of an Ivy League intellectual in a cozy library armchair than the...

Courtesy Robert Greenberg


What do crocodiles and cocktail napkins have in common? I’m not joking. The answer is Robert S. Greenberg’s art. Greenberg doesn’t go anywhere without his pilot razor point pen...

Anna Meixler
Alex Swanson

Which cheddar is better?

“You’re not walking into your normal cheddars tonight, ladies,” Rebekah, Elm City Market’s head cheese clerk warned us, as we took our seats with a newfound seriousness and prepared...

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How to: College Gameday

Three crucial components: 1.         Booth 2.         Snapchat 3.         The actual game—we have to at least stay through the third quarter because otherwise it would be a total embarrassment. 1.        ...

Tarry Lodge

Thoughts on Mario

New Haven is pretty full of pizza. Mario Batali thinks Lodge Chef Andy Nusser is also confident that the restaurant has something to offer the local consumer. “New Haven...

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coffee blurbs-02

Buy them a drink: Ben Weidner

Amateur mistake #1: It’s a bookstore? A restaurant? A coffee shop, or a greenhouse? Ben Weidner, Book Trader Barista, acknowledges the confusion. “Yeah, it’s funny, a lot of customers...

coffee blurbs-01

Buy them a drink: Taryn

Now, I’m not a coffee drinker, nor do I spend very much time in coffee shops, but my experience this past Tuesday night with New Haven’s (the world’s?) friendliest...

coffee blurbs-04

Buy them a drink: Ben Mitchell

Freshly tasked with picking the brain of a Blue State barista, I confidently strode into the coffee shop at the busiest time of the week and declared I would...

coffee blurbs-03

Buy them a drink: Bill Sze

Bill Sze knows coffee. The co-owner/part-time barista of Jojo’s Coffee and Tea deftly swirls a cup of medium roast coffee to “enhance its aroma” (aroma, not fragrance, he insists)...


Teasers and tassels

We settled into our seats, ordered a bottle of red wine, and prepared ourselves. “Who’s ready to see some  beautiful women take their clothes off?” boomed a woman, clad...

Jin Ai Yap YH Staff

Taking a Chance

Last June, alone on the Metro North, surrounded by pregaming twenty-somethings and a blurry coastline, I was bound to my thoughts. There was a lot on my mind, mostly...

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At Yale, we have residential colleges. At Harvard, they have houses. Dipika Gawande, DC ‘15, consults her astrological sources to bring each house a weekend fortune. Lowell House Your...

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A tale of two Instagrams

Yale’s rivalry with Harvard might be ages old—but how does it manifest itself in an increasingly virtual world? One word: Instagram. Let’s begin with the basics, shall we. With...

coffee graphic

Coffee’s on, computers off

On a Tuesday night in Blue State, I’m sitting in the corner, spying on the rest of the patrons. Two hours after I came in, students at three of...

Zach Schiller YH Staff

Brothels and sisters

On any given New Haven Saturday night, there are plenty of seedy places to explore. Maybe Catwalk, the strip club on the east side of town, or the inside...