Off campus

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Feel like Kobe

Last week, Laker guard Kobe Bryant played his last professional basketball game. He capped off a 20-year career marked by five league championships, 18 all-star selections, and countless other...

Billboard (Phife Dawg)

Phife Dawg is your favorite MC

Last week, Phife Dawg, the influential Queens-born rapper, died at the age of 45, setting in motion an outpouring of condolences and tributes. He was known for his work...

photo courtesy of Bradford Photography
graphic by Alex Swanson YH Staff (photo provided by PBS)
Graphic by Jason Hu YH Staff

A human in New Haven

“When you’re telling your own story, it’s hard to know where to start.” Brandon Stanton has dedicated his life to telling other people’s stories on his blog Humans of...

Graphic by Rachel An
Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry

Pizza Rat for president

By giving Donald Trump a platform for his antics last weekend, Saturday Night Live not only exonerated him but also demonstrated a lack of integrity. In order to better...

Graphic by Natalie Schultz-HEnry
Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry

A slice of history

When I visited Yale as a high schooler in 2013, my father did that horrible, embarrassing thing where he asks a stranger for food recommendations. (Why do you do...


Pushing paint

A professor, a lawyer, a preacher, a graduate student from Yale Divinity School and a non-profit representative sit on the stage at the front of the room. Two are formerly incarcerated citizens....

Ben McCoubrey

The man, the myth, the gingham

Professor John Walsh’s, JE ’61, thoughtful gaze, quiet attention, and calming candor more immediately evoke the demeanor of an Ivy League intellectual in a cozy library armchair than the...

Courtesy Robert Greenberg


What do crocodiles and cocktail napkins have in common? I’m not joking. The answer is Robert S. Greenberg’s art. Greenberg doesn’t go anywhere without his pilot razor point pen...

Anna Meixler
Alex Swanson

Which cheddar is better?

“You’re not walking into your normal cheddars tonight, ladies,” Rebekah, Elm City Market’s head cheese clerk warned us, as we took our seats with a newfound seriousness and prepared...


How to: College Gameday

Three crucial components: 1.         Booth 2.         Snapchat 3.         The actual game—we have to at least stay through the third quarter because otherwise it would be a total embarrassment. 1.        ...

Tarry Lodge

Thoughts on Mario

New Haven is pretty full of pizza. Mario Batali thinks Lodge Chef Andy Nusser is also confident that the restaurant has something to offer the local consumer. “New Haven...

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