On campus

Graphic by Yanna Lee

Intellectual stampede

By 6:55 p.m. on Mon., Sept. 19, Sprague Hall had nearly reached full capacity. The crowd babbled with anxious anticipation, and an announcement was made asking those located near...

Graphic by Jason Hu

Center for semi-British art

An alcove-like room in the Yale Center for British Art houses photographs, costumes, and sculptures by the Nigerian British Artist Yinka Shonibare. Shonibare’s work at large explores the themes...

Graphic by Joseph Valdez

Holding moments in your hands

“Mo(ve)ments: African Digital Subjectivities,” a new art show presented through the AFRICA SALON Contemporary Arts and Culture Festival at Yale this week, showcases the work of contemporary African artists...

graphic by Shelby Redman YH Staff

Beyond the monolith

Last week, around twenty Yalies gathered to engage in a discussion with resident Rice Fellow Meriem El Haitami. The topic of conversation was “Gender in Islam.” Islam Awareness Week...

Graphic by Jason Hu YH Staff

Pulp fiction

A video of a man belly-crawling his way through New York City, rare comic books, prints by Kerry James Marshall, and issues of the Anti-Fascist Front Magazine—these are just...

Graphic by Jason Hu

On tusks and talons

I vividly remember the day I first saw a raven in the wild. A raven can’t be compared to a hawk, because it doesn’t have a hooked beak or...

Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry
Image courtesy of Yale University Library

Recreating the desert

In stark contrast to the soft colors of the washout desert sunset in the painting next to it, a brusque message begins: “INSTRUCTIONS TO ALL PERSONS OF JAPANESE ANCESTRY…”...


Yale unframed: YUAG and beyond

Hopper’s Game A man and woman sit in an empty café in the daylight. The man is holding a burning cigarette, gesturing towards her, perhaps attempting to make a...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

Founders Day fun

Sights and sounds from this week’s festivities.  Pressure, panic, Pink Lady Founders Day: a celebration of decorative hay bales, Yale’s Instagram clout, tours of the enigma that is West...

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Indecent exposure

Last Saturday night I walked out of the Yale Repertory Theatre thoroughly stunned. I was standing on York Street but my mind was stuck in Lodz, within the world...

Graphic by Alex Swanson
Graphic by Alex Swanson
Graphic by Alex Swanson
Graphic by Claire Sheen

Blumberg’s moment

On the walls of the Yale University Art Gallery are advertisements for Botox. The ads belong to the exhibit on Donald Blumberg, a photographer whose career began in the...


Seeing Albers

Forget the writing assignment. Forget the criticism. Forget the research, at least for now. When you walk into the Josef Albers exhibit at the Edgewood Art Gallery, come in just to...

Graphic by Alex Swanson
Graphic by Claire Sheen

Mining the subtext

Young and old alike, the literati of Yale and New Haven filed into Whitney Humanities Center last Thursday, wearing their best cords and clear-rimmed glasses. They had come to...

CultureEnvironmental Film Festival - Chris Melamed

Fitting the earth on a flat screen

People called it the first day of spring. Technically the season had begun on March 20, over two weeks earlier, but since then there had been a freak snowstorm,...