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Graphic by Alex Swanson
Graphic by Claire Sheen

Mining the subtext

Young and old alike, the literati of Yale and New Haven filed into Whitney Humanities Center last Thursday, wearing their best cords and clear-rimmed glasses. They had come to...

CultureEnvironmental Film Festival - Chris Melamed

Fitting the earth on a flat screen

People called it the first day of spring. Technically the season had begun on March 20, over two weeks earlier, but since then there had been a freak snowstorm,...

cultureMade In New Haven - Chris Melamed

An ode to the object

The lure of the vintage object—dusty, rusty, chipped, yellowed, faded—can be strong. Old phonographs, cameras, and dated machines have a certain effect on us that is hard to explain. Often,...

culture, rap collective, graphic by chris melamed

The wordplay workshop

Vincent Mitchell, ES ’16, asks the girl sitting next to him if he can borrow her cup. She gives him a quiz- zical look, but hands it over and...

culture, Nina Simone - Chris Melamed

Uncovering the soul

She stared blankly out at the crowd, blinking slowly, unamused, her hand resting delicately on the Yamaha grand to her left. After nearly a minute, she turned and took...

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Take me to Tehran

I  walked by the Yale Art Gallery last week on my usual trek to class, head bowed down to shield my face from the onslaught of snow. Fixated only...

culture_sex books_amelia nierenberg_graphic by kai takahashi
Cameron Yick

Racks on racks on racks

Ever gone into Claire’s Cornucopia, and couldn’t help but think the rack where you parked you bike looked like the ingredients of your snack? Well, you were right. ArtRacks...

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A sweet escape

Imagine that you and your best friends are locked in a room. You start to look around and realize that some things in the room are a little… off....

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Emerging from shadows

In 1934, Paul Robeson refused to perform at a segregated theater and changed the racial dynamics of American theater forever. Robeson was the first black actor to be cast...

who's in retrograde? article by claire goldsmith, graphic by alex swanson

Who’s in retrograde?

The stars are out tonight…out to get you. I don’t know if you’ve heard (you probably have), but we’re smack in the middle of 2015’s first Mercury retrograde, which...

Chris Melamed
plants and people (by devon, graphic by devon geyelin)

Planting the seeds

At 10:30 a.m. on the Fri. morning following Theta Date Night, it was not yet clear whether I would make it to the third (and my first) session of...

black hole 3

Robinson, Frank Robinson

Have you ever wondered how James Bond could drive a speedboat off a ramp, flip it in midair, pierce your soul with his blue eyes, and ride away with hair...


No ticket? No problem

I concede that the Whaling Crew’s Andrew Sobotka, JE ’15, is a mastermind. Possibly an evil mastermind, but I can only guess at his motivations. Like most of Yale’s...

(Culture) Sarah Holder article


On a December 2006 afternoon, light shone through the gallery’s glass-paned entryway and landed on a sun-dappled collection of contemporary sculptures at the unveiling of Louis Kahn’s latest New...

elevator copy

True life: trapped (five)

Personally, elevators stress me out. You’re essentially forced to stand in a confined box with strangers for a prolonged period of time, awkwardly avoiding eye contact. Then you have...