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Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry

An afternoon with the diorama guy

Michael Anderson looks like he stepped right out of the woods depicted in the Southern New England dioramas he restores. He is dressed in a loose navy blue corduroy...

Graphic by Alex Swanson

The testing gap

The lobby of Fair Haven K-8 School is airy and clean. Down white hallways classroom doors hang open, and children’s chatter bubbles from within. Walking past bright posters and...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

Framing the classroom

Professor Michael Frame is a badass. This is the general consensus of his past and present students, a sentence echoed in Yale Bluebook evaluations and in sales pitches from...

Photo courtesy of Gus Sanchez

Voicing change

Two events this past week exposed the realities of racial divides on campus. In their aftermath, a forum, titled “Addressing Appropriation and the Power of Language,” brought hundreds of...