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Graphic by Haewon Ma

Burnt bone

“I’d like to watch a cremation,” I tell Beth on my first visit to Trail’s End Pet Crematory in Westbrook, Conn. Beth is a soft blond who works in...

Graphic by Rachel An

What the truck?

It’s Monday afternoon, and Yale students are rushing through Cross Campus. A few wander over to check out a brown mini school bus parked along College Street between WLH...

Graphic by Shelby Redman

Living free

Before she enrolled in Yale’s nursing program, Bethany* struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction. In high school, she did everything she considers “typical” of a drug-using teenager, including showing...

Graphics by Haewon Ma & Claire Sheen

The Trump effect

“To know that the Islamophobic sentiments expressed are helping boost people’s approval for certain politicians speaks to the larger problem of growing racism.”