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Graphic by Claire Sheen

Life with parole

When Governor Dannel Malloy first announced his Second Chance Initiative in December, Dan Jusino was skeptical. Malloy argued that by diverting ex-offenders into programs of “rapid attachment” to the...

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Metal, Rubber, and Grease

The conditions were certainly not ideal for a bike ride: it was pouring rain, and Jake Adams was in an unfamiliar city. Only days after moving to New Haven,...

Graphic by Alex Swanson


At Yale, caring is cool. Students are celebrated for using their voices to advocate for fossil fuel divestment, the hungry and homeless in New Haven, to sing. When it...

Graphic by Sharon Phu

Sex edit

At New Haven’s Wilbur Cross High School, Martin Clark is known as “condom guy” or “Trojan.” Clark walks the halls with condoms on hand to distribute to his fellow...