Graphic by Jason Hu

Divested interest

In the last year, members of Fossil Free Yale (FFY) have presented at administration meetings, occupied Woodbridge Hall, waved signs, and been arrested. But on Thurs., Apr. 21, members...

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Metal, Rubber, and Grease

The conditions were certainly not ideal for a bike ride: it was pouring rain, and Jake Adams was in an unfamiliar city. Only days after moving to New Haven,...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

Life with parole

When Governor Dannel Malloy first announced his Second Chance Initiative in December, Dan Jusino was skeptical. Malloy argued that by diverting ex-offenders into programs of “rapid attachment” to the...

Graphic by Sharon Phu

Sex edit

At New Haven’s Wilbur Cross High School, Martin Clark is known as “condom guy” or “Trojan.” Clark walks the halls with condoms on hand to distribute to his fellow...

Graphic by Alex Swanson


At Yale, caring is cool. Students are celebrated for using their voices to advocate for fossil fuel divestment, the hungry and homeless in New Haven, to sing. When it...

Graphic by Alex Swanson

Women on the wall

It’s Tuesday afternoon, and the back of Sterling Memorial Library’s nave has turned into a reception hall. The circulation desk has been transformed into a surprisingly elegant bar; tables...

Photo courtesy of Kinz + Tillou Fine Art
Graphic by Jason Hu

The electoral high school

The first time I ever voted was in the last midterm election at the McGaw YMCA in Evanston, IL. I bounced into the silent carpeted room ready to check...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

Stay in your lane

A Westville project originally planned to bring the community together has actually caused quite a division along Edgewood Avenue. What could have been a simple presentation of a new...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

Give us a break

According to Bloomberg, the state of Connecticut faces a $266 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year. But attempts to raise taxes in order to offset this deficit...

graphic by Haewon Ma YH Staff

Green acres

I remember visiting my father one day during his lunch break from Yale-New Haven Hospital for a bite to eat at Claire’s Corner Copia when I was around eleven....

Graphic by Susanqi Jiang

Artistic refuge

Arranged without decoration, the photographs lining the walls of the Davenport Art Gallery record the path of the Syrian conflict as described through refugee voices—the broken promises for peace...

Graphic by Jason Hu

PITCH perfect

Anyone who’s made the trek up Science Hill has seen clusters of students leaving lectures, worked into a hushed frenzy as they scheme to get involved in a professor’s...

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Graphic by Jason Hu


The people dancing, drinking, and talking at the LGBTQ Cooperative (Co-op) party last Friday came from all different corners of Yale. People from Christian groups on campus, from club...

Graphic by Shelby Redman

Living free

Before she enrolled in Yale’s nursing program, Bethany* struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction. In high school, she did everything she considers “typical” of a drug-using teenager, including showing...

Graphic by Rachel An

What the truck?

It’s Monday afternoon, and Yale students are rushing through Cross Campus. A few wander over to check out a brown mini school bus parked along College Street between WLH...

Graphic by Joseph Valdez

Here comes the sun

It’s easy to take electricity for granted; lightbulbs, stereos, and computers are such constant features that one can start to take them for granted. But what happens when the...

Graphics by Haewon Ma & Claire Sheen

The Trump effect

“To know that the Islamophobic sentiments expressed are helping boost people’s approval for certain politicians speaks to the larger problem of growing racism.”

Graphic by Claire Sheen

What to require

The reality of racial disparities on Yale’s campus has been made clear in recent weeks. Examining the 2015 Blue Book offerings illustrates that the curriculum reinforces those divergent experiences....