Alex Wisowaty

Breakfast, half-baked

Picture a church-basement-turned-café, where tables crowd with diners chowing down on pancakes, waffles, eggs, and bacon each morning. I arrived at St. Paul and St. James Church on the...

Maude Tisch
Sophie Ruehr

A home for graduate students?

Linguistics student Gregg Castellucci, GRD ’17, talks about the Hall of Graduate Studies in the past tense. “It was really the focal point of the graduate student community and...

back to school, article by anna lipin, graphic by anna meixler

Back to school

Chris McGill, BK ’16, started producing music at 15. It was the age of Napster and of new social networks. The Internet was expanding, and it was increasingly easy...

Caroline Kanner

To my unborn sons and daughters

Myles Gaines, JE ’17, confronts the camera with a hard stare. The sign he holds reads, “To my unborn son, the unity that upholds the brotherhood of our shared...

Ben McCoubrey

Beyond the lecture hall

The professor slid the syllabi across the table to our class in the second floor classroom of WLH; on the first Tuesday of January, another semester of classes in...


Thriving, and not yet thirty

An elusiveness surrounds the word “nanoparticle.” Of course, the literal definition is quite obvious— a very, very small particle. But a true understand- ing of its applications remains hidden...

Anchor's away, by Rachel Strodel (cr Ben McCoubrey)

Anchor’s away

At 8:30 p.m. on Jan. 4, the manager of the Anchor Bar Restaurant screamed that she was shutting it down—for good. A hurried last call ensued. Angry employees snatched...

Yale Bowl

A grand birthday

On Nov. 21, 1914, the Yale Bowl opened its doors to a sea of blue and crimson—over 70,000 football fans clamored to see the annual Harvard-Yale Game and, more...


Taking the temperature

Wednesday night, I met about 45 other girls in the Kappa Alpha Theta House before the weekly chapter meeting. We shuffled around the room, trying to get in some kind of...

q_house (1)

Community home reimagined

The front steps at 197 Dixwell Avenue lead up to a sign in crisp blue letters reading “Dixwell Community House, Inc.” that once greeted community members upon entrance. As New...


Cooperative collapse

At the entrance to Elm City Market, located on the ground floor of 360 State Street just past the New Haven Green, a bright sign depicting peaches advertises: CO-OP. A...


Melting pot boils over

It’s 7:03 p.m. on Monday, Sept.15. Anti-Islam activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s talk has already begun, and still masses of people stand in a line that snakes out of the...


Shifting the center

As the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity readies for a move to Hartford, Austin Bryniarski, CC '16, revisits its legacy.


Welcome to iNew Haven

On the third floor of the New Haven Hall of Re- cords, I sat down with City Controller Daryl Jones in his office to experience the future of city...


From Yale, with love

“Yale: Affordable For Everyone” the postcard reads at the top. Below, in Yale’s signature typeface, the card explains just how economically feasible it is to attend the university. “STUDENTS...


Off-campus exodus

When the Baker’s Dozen, one of Yale’s all-male a cappella groups, first scouted their new Crown Street house last January, the place was in shambles: completely gutted, newspapers from...

2014-04-18 coverb

One house at a time

The sixth floor of Rudolph Hall smells of Elmer’s glue. The atmosphere is at once playful and serious—last minute sketches are scribbled in the corners of notebooks, heads are...


Safe transport

When it comes to organ transplants, the intestine has historically been off-limits. Unglamorous and, until recently, unsuccessful, intestinal transplants are complicated and difficult processes. The first successful transplant of...