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One house at a time

The sixth floor of Rudolph Hall smells of Elmer’s glue. The atmosphere is at once playful and serious—last minute sketches are scribbled in the corners of notebooks, heads are...


Safe transport

When it comes to organ transplants, the intestine has historically been off-limits. Unglamorous and, until recently, unsuccessful, intestinal transplants are complicated and difficult processes. The first successful transplant of...


No safe haven

O n Fri., April 4, 16-year-old Torrence Gamble, Jr. attended the funeral of 17-year-old Taijhon Washington, who was shot and killed on Mon., March 24. One day after the...

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On tape

It’s 2003. University of California, Davis linguistics pro- fessor Flagg Miller receives perhaps the most important delivery of his life from the frontlines of Islamabad, Pakistan. The cargo, priceless...


Looking out

When Kyle Bajtos, SY ’15, came out to his mother in high school, she told him she was worried about the “glass ceiling” that might impede his professional future...

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New Haven, 06520

Students run frantically around New Haven—from a research lab, the Yale Center for British Art, Union Station, the gym. One girl goes to Shake Shack. Another runs into Claire’s...


Housing on a hill

I could hardly believe I was in the middle of one of New Haven’s largest low-income housing projects the first time I went to Quinnipiac Terrace. Conditioned to expect...


17 million Hillhouse Ave.

What can Yale do with 17 million dollars? Pay a full-time professor for 94 years. Pay full tuition for 290 students. Complete 85 percent of the renovations on Sterling...


Read my mind

Mindreading might call to mind a wide-eyed gypsy woman, her bangles clanging loudly together as she presses her fingertips ominously to her, or your, head. Or maybe it conjures...


The new blue

In 1894, a riot broke out in New Haven, provoked by rumors that Yale medical students were digging up freshly buried bodies to use as cadavers. Yalies and New...

Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff

Not your garden variety

When you think of kale and broccoli, you probably picture them in a raised garden bed rather than a boxing ring. But students Monica DiLeo, CC ’16, Adam Goff,...

Inside Cover

Robert and Robert

“Maybe the first thing to say is that I don’t have a career, and I’m not interested in having a career,” Robert Storr told me. We were sitting in...

Jin Ai Yap YH Staff

Coal in the air

The red-and-white striped tower of the Harbor Station power plant scars the skyline of Bridgeport, Conn. In the hot summer months, the tower belches out smoke: thick clouds of...

Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff


Van Halen. Aerosmith. Elvis Presley. In its heyday, the New Haven Coliseum hosted them all. But on the morning of January 20, 2007, almost five years after the arena’s...

Madeline Butler YH Staff

Staying Green

Bundled in a bright yellow parka, Gabor Kovacs offered a handful of Sun Chips and a partially toothless smile as he slid down a wooden bench to make room...

Maddie Butler YH Staff

A word in the dark

It was just past midnight on Monday, December 30, 2013 and a bitter cold kept most of New Haven off the streets. Earlier in the evening, Blue Man Group had...

Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff
Julia Kittle-Kamp YH Staff

Financing the future

When I met Paulo Costa, ES ’14, the first thing he asked me was if I minded chatting with him in the Stiles weaving room. I agreed, and so...


Team Harp

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Team Elicker

Justin Elicker, SOM ’10 FES ’10, is keeping busy as the new executive director of the New Haven Land Trust, an environmental organization dedicated to the three-pronged mission of...