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selma, by olivia burton

Marching today

Selma is a place I hear about in stories about my grandfather’s childhood or the place where my cousins go shopping to support the mom-and-pop businesses that have been...

vietcon, by josh feng

Viet Cong

Viet Cong drummer Michael Wallace and vocalist/ bassist Matt Flegel were formerly part of Women, a group that dissolved in 2010 after a violent fistfight broke out onstage during...

citizen 4, by anna lipin


Citizenfour is different. It is a movie in which we, as the public subject to the policies unveiled by Edward Snowden, are members of the cast. We already know...

d'angelo by chris melamed


Until Dec. 15, D’Angelo hadn’t released an album in 14 years. His last studio album, Voodoo, was widely acclaimed as a masterpiece that pushed the boundaries of soul and...