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Music: Ghostface Killah

The Ghostface Killah has one of the strongest discographies in hip-hop, and with Sour Soul, it continues to develop. Given his recent analog instrumentals kick, an LP with Toronto...

reviews, condemning durst, article by kohler bruno

All the deaths of Robert Durst

Adverbs are a writer’s cruelest weapon. Take this line from Ian Parker’s New Yorker profile of Apple design chief Jonathan Ive: “Ive tends to be strenuously courteous toward his...


Music: Iron & Wine

True story: one night not too long ago, I went out for a drink wearing an Iron & Wine t-shirt. “Look at you!” said a girl at the bar....

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Music: Himanshu Suri

The title of Himanshu Suri’s debut LP, Eat Pray Thug, is a joke. Taking an artifact of mainstream American pop culture and putting a “gangsta rap” spin on it...