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Film: Born to be Blue

Born to Be Blue begins with a hallucination: Chet Baker lying on the floor of a prison cell staring at a tarantula that’s crawling out of his trumpet. This...

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Music: Ruminations

“I miss Christopher Hitchens I miss Oliver Sacks I miss poor Robin Williams I miss Sylvia Plath”   Can we get a sense of what Conor Oberst, erstwhile Bright...

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Music: Twenty88

Before Detroit rapper Big Sean and LA singer/songwriter Jhene Aiko became hip-hop duo Twenty88 and released their self-titled debut EP, they had already collaborated successfully several times. Aiko was...

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Movies: The Handmaiden

Most stories evolve temporally, linearly, each action followed neatly by a consequence. Others are nonlinear and scattered, told in jolts of flashback and prefiguration. But The Handmaiden, the latest...