Special Issues

Pining, graphic by chris melamed


To Lindsay Johnson Your Eyes are nothing like the sun Your whimsy, my flimsy If snow must be white, why then her —I musn’t Would that I’d gotte into...

goin' to the chaplain, article by claire goldsmith, graphic by claire goldsmith

Goin’ to the chaplain

Like any young couple, Ivan Kirwan-Taylor, JE ’18, and I were nervous as we walked towards the chaplain’s office to ask about getting married in Battell Chapel. Sure, we...


Candles, cupid, and crafts

I’ve never really celebrated Valentine’s Day beyond buying and receiving chocolate. This year, though, I wanted to step up my game. So when I heard that a little boutique...

anonymous gets around, graphic by maude tisch
How to fall in love, article by jordan coley and marisa lowe, graphic by anna meixler

How to fall in love

Inspired by Mandy Len Catron’s piece in the New York Times, Herald Culture editor Jordan Coley, SY ’17, and Yale Daily News Print and Design editor Marisa Lowe, PC...

the greatest love of all, article by will hall, graphic by alex swanson

The greatest love of all

On one of the off-the-coast sand bar beaches at Cape Cod, I came up with the idea for a story that I never wrote. The plot was simple, and...

Chris Melamed

Consider the Oyster

Love will be in the air—and in the kitchens and on the tables—at New Haven’s higher-end restaurant scene this Valentine’s Day.


Best event of the year

It isn’t Jimmy Carter, and it isn’t Hallowoads, and it isn’t even Herald Crush—by the way, do we still have that party?It’s when the petting zoo comes to town!...


Best animal

The koala. My first AIM screenname was koalagrl1212 and my password for everything since fourth grade has been some version of “koala.” Is it a bad idea to put...


Best Spring Fling 2015 headliner

Avid readers of the Herald (AKA friends of the Herald e-board) are probably well aware of my campaign to make Robyn, goddess of music and androgynous hair, our Spring...


Best breakfast spot

Really, this is an exercise in falsehoods, because the best place for breakfast is my table (367 Elm St, Apt. 503, to the left when you get to the...


Best sweater

This is my ode to turtlenecks. Give me cashmere. Give me chunky knits. Give me cowl necks. I want to be like Leonardo DiCaprio in that scene from The...


Best movie review

The best movie review is a review of Horrible Bosses 2, penned by Stephen Holden in the New York Times. In his touching review of what many are calling...


Best late night

There are many things I like to do late at night. Sometimes, I get Wenzels and watch reruns of The Nanny. Other times, I force my roommate to stay...


Best place to poop

A Party! The best place to poop is a party, of course. You! You can be the party pooper! Just go to the party, and poop! No one even...


Best business idea

Ok, picture this: fade from black, Steve Zahn is crawling on all fours through the mud, tight closeup on his face, he’s got war paint on and he’s holding...