Special Issues


Film: The Last Song

If you remember one thing about The Last Song, it’s the sea turtles. But you don’t remember one thing about The Last Song. You don’t remember one thing about...


Film: What Women Want

Let’s start with the obvious: What Women Want—Nancy Meyers’ zany, jumbled, turn-of-the-millennium proto-pop-feminist rom-com—has not aged well. Unlike life in the year 2000, people don’t smoke at work anymore,...


Film: You’ve Got Mail

For those who haven’t seen an ABC Family rerun of You’ve Got Mail, say hello to Nora Ephron’s rom-com classic, which delights in Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks falling...

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Swipe left, swipe right

Swipe left Valentine’s Day: The holiday itself can go either way, but unfortunately for everyone, the 2010 rom-com Valentine’s Day tastes like dollar store chocolate. In what few would...

Graphic by Jason Hu

Textbook to sexual nirvana

This Feb. 14, forget your candy hearts and your teddy bears. Forsake your chocolate fondue and your G-Heav roses. And instead of reading your friends’ gushy posts, think about...

Graphic by Joseph Valdez
Graphic by Haewon Ma

How to get a sick date

If you don’t go on many dates like me but want to on VDAY, here’s what you should do. Let’s assume this is a first date. High stakes. You...

Graphic by Haewon Ma

Missed connections

The following poems come from condensing and arranging individual lines and complete posts from the Craigslist Missed Connections section. No original words were added.   I. You were in front...

Graphic by Joseph Valdez

Adventures in Grindr

Grindr sits on my iPhone screen immediately adjacent to “Ham Horn,” an app that singularly produces the air horn sound effects you hear in Drake songs. This placement leads...


Gravity waves

You exist, and you are here. Would you eat up my breath before it falls into my lungs like all these thousands of pearls, each one crying out as...

Graphic by Rachel An

Foreign affairs

Flying alone is not something I do frequently. I have a fear of airplanes and hate the unnatural feeling of being airborne. But there I was, walking the plank...

Graphic by Jason Hu

Sex Ed

OkCupid claims that Yale has the greatest sex drive of any college in America. With Yale’s obsession with its own hookup culture, that appraisal isn’t too off the mark....

Graphic by Shelby Redman

It’s only the best day of the year!

“What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year!” So begins Season 2, Episode 16 of Parks and Recreation, with Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope defining the episode’s titular...

Graphic by Haewon Ma and Claire Sheen
Graphic by Haewon Ma

Herald Volume XVI Issue 2

  G’day, Does anyone remember Webkinz? Those stuffed animals that came with a code to unlock an online avatar? And you could dress your cartoon pets in glamorous boots?...

Graphic by Claire Sheen YH Staff

Herald Volume XVI Issue 1

  Hi hi hi guys! The Herald is back and better than ever. Our New Year’s resolutions were “go to Woads more,” “eat a pizza from all of the...