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I have cheated you a hundred times, Summer said to the old woman – I am still alive and you are withered. The old woman opened her mouth: There...

voices_interview with p. sanaith_article by abigail schneider

Sitting down with P. Sainath

P. Sainath, the former Rural Affairs Editor of the Hindu, has won an outrageous number of awards for his journalism (over 40). He recently launched his latest project, the...

Voices_poetry_graphic by jake stein


The slender legs of gulls, like the long sticks of reeds, rooted in the bottom of the lake. Standing like stilts, they tip forward, slowly dip their long thin...

Voices_poetry_graphic by jake stein

The crimson-beaked finch

The crimson-beaked finch is a made up animal. In the snowfield of your mind, I have walked a line of empty footprints. Out of something that doesn’t-even-kind-of exist, I...