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Graphic by Alex Swanson

El perro

18 febrero 2015 The other day I was walking by Plaza Nueva. It was the morning, and I’d had my language class and then gone for a run up...

Photo courtesy of Eugene Lim

The Asian tourist

  Flipping through my family’s photo albums, I encounter the usual snapshots: family portraits, birthday parties, playground trips. Some photos are a little more unusual. The landscape shifts; the...

Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry

The bracelet

She had in mind very clearly what she wanted. It would be slim, but a little heavy, a reassuring weight on her body. A pair of earrings, maybe, to...

Graphic by Natalie Schultz-Henry

An eater’s transformation

Supertaster (n): a person who responds more strongly than the average person to different flavors. Sugar is sweeter, salt is saltier, chilies are spicier. A stronger sense of smell...