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Hole of hyperbole

In a lecture hosted by the William F. Buckley Program on Wed., Sept. 21, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro wasted no time in beginning his attack on the progressive agenda....

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A table of five

“I’m glad you both came tonight,” he said. I half expected the words to echo around the empty room. Whether this was intimate or awkward, I couldn’t really tell....

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Anthems, songs, and handkerchiefs

This summer, Gabby Douglas became a flashpoint of controversy in the gymnastics world when she did not place her hand over her heart during the national anthem. In response...

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Hard liquor, hard rules

Before this school year started, Stanford passed a new ban on hard alcohol, or rather updated its student alcohol policy, to address the dangers caused by over-consumption on campus....

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When the sun goes down

915. As of Apr. 17, 2016, 915 Chicagoans have been victims of gun violence this year. 2,988. In the year 2015, the city reported a total of 2,988 shooting victims....

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Life-long division

There may well be two types of people in the world, but contrary to what is perhaps popular belief, they are not “science/math” people and “humanities” people. All this...

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Secondary networks

When sexual violence takes place within a community, the first response from peers is often, and rightly, focused on the person who has experienced sexual assault. Supporting survivors is...

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No more villains

In the nascent days of the 2016 presidential campaign trail—when Jeb (!) and Hillary were pundits’ fast favorites for the nomination—we expected somewhat of a showdown between two of...

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Star power

When Aaron Carter, beloved ’90s heartthrob and candy aficionado, announced his support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in a peculiar series of tweets in February, the Internet went...

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White history

As we gnaw on bones of fried chicken and shovel collared greens soaked in bacon fat down our throats, the inevitable questions are posed to our director, Dave. “Where...

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On Nov. 17, after weeks of protests, teach-ins, and conversations about Yale’s treatment of minorities, President Peter Salovey sent an email to the entire student body. He wrote to...

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Misplaced solidarity

Last Friday, Feb. 26, the Yale Men’s Basketball team completed its first season sweep of Harvard since their 2007-08 season, in a decisive win in John Lee Amphitheater. An...

Graphic by Claire Sheen

On emptiness and hope

Imagine your life as a pool of water. On the surface float the most superficial components: your material possessions, fleeting cares and worries, all the small ephemeral details of...

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A liberal education

The first time I visited Undergraduate Career Services (UCS) as a freshman, the lobby was filled with juniors interviewing for summer internships with whichever consulting firm had occupied the...

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Receiving ashes

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of this year’s Lenten season, a 40-day period of preparation leading up to the holiest day on the liturgical calendar: Easter. On the morning...

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It’s only the best day of the year!

“What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year!” So begins Season 2, Episode 16 of Parks and Recreation, with Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope defining the episode’s titular...

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No penis required

When chivalry first emerged on the social scene, all knightly and shining and armored, the world was a very different place. But when we talk about chivalry today, we...