Opinion stories

Room to write

On the whole, Yale University is good to its writers. The English department is populated by a number of esteemed authors and journalists, each of whom works closely with...

Time to reboot

I was in a seminar recently, sitting around a wooden table with eight other people, discussing cultural icons and performativity—I know, how pretentious. But everyone around that table had...

Blind patriots

When my father was in elementary school in China, he and his classmates began each school day by chanting passages from Chairman Mao’s “little red book.” They stood in...

Udder madness

I have no proven calcium deficiency. I’ve never broken a bone, and when I think of drinking a tall glass of ice cold milk, I feel the strong urge...

Get milk!

When I was younger, I used to take eggs from the fridge. I would hold them in my hands, watch, and wait. They never became chickens, which made me...

The high road

Clement Dupuy is the President of Yale’s chapter of Students For Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP). On Mar. 23, Yale Professor Deepak D’Souza made an argument that drug policy reformers...

Both sides of the hyphen

Until the Yale Chinese department recognizes the existence and uniqueness of a Chinese-American identity, it will be impossible to assess heritage students on their own merit.

Stop the Bass hate!

The way we speak about our lives on campus is constantly influenced by collective habit, by superficially shared opinions like mindlessly condemning Bass.

Learning to care

Activism isn’t about gaining social standing within a marginalized community. It’s about actually effecting change.

Funding fails

Yale’s current standards for awarding summer funding jeopardizes the ability of some students to share equally in opportunities.

Food for thought

Unlimited food in the dining halls, free snacks at club meetings, and food-laden study breaks—when are college students not surrounded by food? Here at Yale, food is intimately intertwined...

No new grades have been posted

For the most part, Yalies don’t talk about grades. But that doesn’t mean we don’t care about them. Though they don’t come up often, their true impact connects like...

The sound and the fury

Our experience with music is inherently subjective, and our interpretation and reaction to any given piece of music is personal and unique.

A feminist vagentine

I love love. It is the Earth’s greatest renewable energy. Despite this fact, many people live like love is this precious resource, as if every Feb. 14 is 1849—only...