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Witt’s misplaced attack

Last week, Patrick Witt, JE ’12, caused a media frenzy with an op-ed on Yale’s sexual misconduct policies. Witt’s op-ed is the story of an incident that, he writes,...

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Should sex be serious?

As evidenced in this very paper (or website, depending on how you roll), the issue of sexual misconduct and the policies surrounding it are among the most important topics...

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Personalizing the vote

The perilous state of democracy in America is nothing new. But beyond crushing partisan gridlock and the stunning impact of money in politics has emerged a subtler threat to...

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Straight shooting

Every Friday, I grab a shotgun, and load it with a single 12-gauge shell. “Squad ready?” our squad leader asks. In line with four of my teammates, I nod....

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Tata-free October

It’s October, which inevitably means Facebook invites to events like “SAVE THE TATAS Tailgate!” and “Superheroes: Unite to Save Boobies!” During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we encounter pink ribbons,...


Can’t avoid adulthood

Around the time of my 21st birthday, A.O. Scott, chief film critic for the New York Times, suggested adulthood is over. In his widely-read article, “The Death of Adulthood...


Setting feminism aside

When I decided to do Directed Studies this year, I expected to struggle with the reading. I anticipated attempts to decipher Plato and Homeric similes. What I wasn’t expecting,...

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I’m afraid to talk about rape

I’m afraid because I don’t know if that’s the right word. Even if I’m talking about rape as it’s legally defined, should I say sexual assault? Should I say...


In defense of Uncle Joe

Here is a photo of Joe Biden eating ice cream in his aviators while flashing cash,” blared yesterday’s Washington Post headline. When you’ve gone from Congressional Quarterly naming you...


A hollow call to arms

A few days ago, I finally got around to watching the video of Emma Watson’s speech to the UN on gender equality. The speech, which Watson gave on Sat.,...


Finding humanity in the enemy

“Metropolitan Nazi Opera,” “Stop the hate—Defund the Met Opera,” “Gelb, are you taking terror $$$?” were all signs that opera-goers might have passed attending the season’s opener of Le...


Better together

When I first heard about Scotland’s referendum, I found myself in full support of its in- dependence. I am an American citizen and the daughter of a Taiwanese immigrant—I...


Second-class student

When I first got an email last fall declaring me the “new Arthur T. Shoenenberg Scholar of the Year,” I was so excited. What had I won? I hoped...


Gourmet gentrification

Growing up in New Haven, avocado, egg, and cheese sandwiches from Gourmet Heaven have been a significant part of my life. So have the broad range of people who come to the...


Citizen CT

On campus each fall, when we move into our dorms, houses, and apartments, we confront the question of where to assign our political citizen- ship. As voter registration forms...


Not “Ready for Hillary”

Let’s face it: the presidential primaries are still more than two years away. That’s enough time for a member of Congress to win and lose a seat, for President...


Feminist first

I mute commercial breaks in case another breakfast cereal company clumsily markets its product with just another kitchen scene featuring a woman cheerily waving her children and husband off...