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Rooms with windows

I. The Room with the Stained Glass   How inordinate is the dust that flutters in, casting visible rays across the monumental space— beaming like those forgotten spirits hung...

Graphic by Jasun Hu
Lit Issue

Poetry: April 17, 2015

Careful Reification her encasement remains in this undissolving shadow the embodied desire of an unseen nation and to be her, the ostension, looks very much like being human or...

Voices_poetry_graphic by jake stein

The crimson-beaked finch

The crimson-beaked finch is a made up animal. In the snowfield of your mind, I have walked a line of empty footprints. Out of something that doesn’t-even-kind-of exist, I...

Voices_poetry_graphic by jake stein


The slender legs of gulls, like the long sticks of reeds, rooted in the bottom of the lake. Standing like stilts, they tip forward, slowly dip their long thin...

Lit Issue


I have cheated you a hundred times, Summer said to the old woman – I am still alive and you are withered. The old woman opened her mouth: There...

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.44.24 PM
Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 11.44.24 PM

Storm Chasing

I come from a family of storm chasers. Our house eats itself by the hour, its machinery dense, lit-eyed, beeping. There are forty-seven weathervanes on the roof, huddled like...

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I I wonder which impression will spread its hot film over the place where today idles in my memory. II For example The base of a backyard redwood. III...

After Hölderlin

When all the light is gone from Our final autumn practice We call it a day. Those comely joggers, On coach’s dismissal, Dress fast, and run To make it...

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At the albatross

Dispelling with some metaphors with professorial sonority My old ethicist professor beckons—“that wooden guardian of our privacy Upon its axel swiftly turn!” to the late student so that is...

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Lit Issue
Lit Issue


We are earnest at the zoo. My dad and I look at all the signs. They are creamy plastic with greying sketches that have been scaled up from their...

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Jigsaws The strings of your violin are attached to my heartstrings. That is how I would begin a poem about you. I am too proud to say what I...

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A Pair of Gloves

And then I knew what I had been waiting for was not the dance, but returning from it– gliding behind the headlights into what might have been snow tunneling...

Lit Issue
Lit Issue

Dialogue & Dialogue 2

Dialogue GOD: I’m going on Lexapro. ME: What changed your mind? GOD: I haven’t been myself lately. ME: Don’t you think you should see someone first? GOD: I don’t...

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There was one moment when I thought I might be happy: I was driving home after a day of laying mulch, of red bumps appearing on skin, irritant as...

Lit Issue


Bury me in the backyard, next to your bris piece. You know, your pee-pee. It’s only a small part. Bury my heart at Wounded Knee. I have a fever....