Boom/Bust: February 14, 2014

Incoming: Using moisturizer

It’s Valentine’s Day week and moisturizer sales are through the roof. In this weather, your skin is bound to dry out. Dry skin begets dry skin and pretty soon, you’re chapped lips are the least of your worries. You can’t show up to a Valentine’s Day date with a crusty complexion because that’s just not fair to your date. You have to address this problem head-on. Let your hair down and buy yourself a nice face cream. After that, hop on the St. Ives train and splurge on a big ol’ bottle of “normal to dry.” Now we’re getting that skin hydrated! First, you’ll feel the difference. Then, you’ll see the difference. Finally, if you’re lucky, a few others will feel the difference.

Outgoing: Showing up on time

Keeping track of time isn’t what it used to be. Nothing screams “loser” like being on time or early to something. Because of the snowy, icy street conditions, no one expects anyone to be anywhere exactly when they said they were going to be. Being on time these days means that you left wherever you were about an hour before you were supposed to be wherever you were going. If you show up to a Valentine’s Day dinner any earlier than thirty minutes after your reservation, I doubt the restaurant will seat you because you’re so not cool. So, be late and show everyone how much of a boss you really are.

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