Boom/Bust: February 21, 2014

Incoming: Prospective students

While the Super Bowl Sunday of prospie season is still a few months away, there’s no doubt that we’re past playing August ’ball. Tour groups of high schoolers are fjording the Old Campus fjords on a daily basis, and if you keep your eyes peeled you may even spot some grad candidates. These guys are more likely to be kicking it with some brews at GPSCY than their high school counterparts, but rest assured, they are no more comfortable in their surroundings than the little ones. I once heard that grad programs schedule interviews on the weekend as a social test for the visiting students. I didn’t understand this concept until I saw one walking to Anchor, asking his hosts about the relative merits of CVS and Walgreens. YES (Yale Engineering and Science, ironic, no?) Weekend last week opened the floodgates, and now non-Yale students young and old are pouring into New Haven to evaluate our drug stores. Be warned, and be nice.

Outgoing: The class of 2014

When I was a little kid, my mom taught me that offering your house guests hot beverages is a nice gesture to wrap up the evening and a polite way to say GTFO. This week Yale brewed a super huge pot of joe (no, not me) by sending the entire senior class an email invite to their own commencement. As I’ve got at least another year in me, I can’t personally comment on the impact of this move, but it seems like it was a Facebook-worthy moment, at least for some. While juniors are fretting over summer internships and freshmen and sophomores are playing IMs or drinking themselves silly or whatever they do, Yale’s seniors are living out their final days on campus and probably also drinking themselves silly. Feb Club is wrapping up, the Senior Class Gift/Debate is on course, and I’ve heard that if you haven’t booked a room at Myrtle yet you might as well go to Daytona. Get your RSVPs in, 2014. Before you know it, you’ll be watching yourselves walk through that gate to Branford that’s always shut.

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