Cred/D/Fail: March 28, 2014

Cr – Public napping

Once upon a time, I watched a Lifetime movie about an overprotective mom and her rebellious college-aged daughter. The mom freaks out about her daughter’s wild-and-crazy shenanigans, and she calls a friend to whine about the devil spawn, who has given up her teetotaling ways and even started “napping during the day.” Yeah, that’s kind of what napping is. Napping’s not exclusive to higher-ed, but what makes our micro-slumbers unique is that we can do the deed whenever, wherever, and not have any ostraca cast against us. As our Lifetime protagonist implies, even private daytime sleep is frowned upon in post-grad America; try taking a siesta on a park bench in Minneapolis, and you’ll be prodded by cops and probably thrown in jail. Yet within these campus boundaries, we’ve got free reign. In your home, on the phone, in your house, on the couch, in each and every library and once it gets warmer, on every quad, you can treat yourself to some real, sunny afternoon delight, no interruption, no questions asked. The campus is your oyster-shaped Twin XL. Have at it.

 D – Librarians

There are two kinds of librarians at this school—the ones who are currently paying attention to me and the ones who aren’t. If you’re new to the research game, librarians are dope and can give you access to linear foot on linear foot of film, fiche, photo and folio. Today in my history seminar a librarian at the Div School handed me the original journal of the first American missionary to work in China. One minute I was trading stocks on my iPhone, and then the next I was smearing my dirty fingers on a (mostly illegible, but whatever) personal diary from the 1800s! How cool is that?! The downside to these blessed creatures of the stacks is their behavior when they’re not helping me defile the fragile papadum pages of our collective collections. They have a bad habit of (I kid you not) chattering away in their very own house of worship, the library. Whether they’re helping out students who are not me or just discussing work issues with their colleagues who are also not me, these “off-duty” librarians, as I like to call them, are so aloof that I sometimes wonder if they even know where they are. I understand you probably want to speak at some point in the day, but this is where I work, this is a library, so shhh!!

 F – My bracket

 Because I have a basic understanding of probability, I’m not actually that bummed about losing Warren Buffett’s billion dollar challenge. I knew putting VCU in the Elite 8 was optimistic, and even with my southern bias I’m doing pretty well in my draw. March Madness brackets come and go, and there’s nothing we can do about it. The bracket I actually can’t shake off right now is the one I just became aware of at the student employment office last Monday. Apparently because I’m unmarried ;) and make less than $14,000 a year :( :(, I am exempt from paying state income tax. While it’s nice not having to give a state I don’t really live in my precious dollars, realizing how little money I actually make was a downer. Maybe I could have used that billion, after all.

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