HUMS 666

HUMS 666: Transcendental Metaphysical Ethics of Quantified Social Strategic Frameworks of the Mind and Soul

Skills: QR, Lang., WR,

Areas: SC, SO, HU


This course takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the underlying principles of human science and society, through the varied lenses of Philosophy, Meta-Mathematics, and holistic Sociology.

The first few weeks of this class take place on campus, where students will grapple with fundamental questions like ‘If I have a complete, ordered field over the positive integers, by what operation is the soul of humanity finally liberated from its earthly shackles of facetious bureaucracyin an integrated way?’

The class will then transition for two weeks, with full Yale funding, to the beautiful, unspoiled rainforests of Borneo, where the interdisciplinary teambuilding activities commence. The class will be divided into two groups, one of which will be designated ‘The Mathematical Socialists’ and the other ‘The Social Mathematicians’. One of the groups will then be taken deep into the rainforest, and, amid a tranquil glade, left with only basic tools. The other will, after an interval of a few days, be released wielding Kalashnikovs and poison-tipped spears, riding battle-ostriches, to hunt down and slay members of the first group. The activity will continue until all but one of the first group has been eliminated.

Following this light-hearted exercise, the last remaining member of the prey group will be taken to the lost Inca city of Paititi, where, while chanting in Aramaic (this course fulfills the L1 language requirement), the remainder of the class will invoke the interdisciplinary presence of Tlulax, Scourge of Over a Thousand Worlds (an excellent example of the cultural diversity that defines this class). There, the student shall be sacrificed to Tlulax in return for true understanding of the place of man in the universe. Students will be allowed to ask Tlulax questions on subjects ranging from foreign policy to social service, which has traditionally been an enriching experience for all who survive.

Upon our return to New Haven, the class shall transition to the CEID, where the chemistry and biology labs will be thrown open for students to work on two fascinating interdisciplinary projects: ‘Practical Werewolf Construction for Beginners’ and ‘Gold from Lead: Give Your Day that Shiny Hue!’ A prize will be given to the best project team, which may keep not only the resulting gold, but also the resulting werewolf (provided all Yale College Safety Guidelines are complied with).

I expect students to complete the entire semester of this class. There is a penalty for dropping out after the end of shopping period: students will receive a reprimand letter from their College Dean, addressed to their new lodgings in Mogadishu, Somalia, where they will wake up the morning following their ill-advised departure from this class.

Office Hours: by Appointment.

Section Sign-up: by Russian Roulette.

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