Index: Athletes and Yale

28 – Yale students listed as “going” on Facebook to the men’s basketball game this Saturday, two fewer than are expected to attend “Monster Jam,” a monster truck rally in Westport.

90 – percentage of Yale athletes majoring in some combination of economics, political science, and the Zeta basement.

2 – national championships won by Yale’s fencing program.

2 – students that knew Yale had a fencing program.

4 – maximum hours in a day that a varsity athlete may practice, a limit imposed by the NCAA; also, average number of lectures attended in a week by members of the hockey team.



28 – A sad-looking Facebook event page

90 – Yale Facebook and the steady stream of athletes heading to Zeta Late Night

2 –

2 – fencing attendance statistics

4 –, emails to the hockey coach from disgruntled professors

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