Index: February 21, 2014


Amount, in dollars, that Russia has spent on the 2014 Sochi games.


Distance, in miles, of this year’s Olympic Torch Relay.


The number of times the torch was extinguished (estimated to be around 50). We’re pretty sure this should be 0, but I guess when you take it underwater and into outer space, things happen.


Average temperature, in Fahrenheit, of Sochi for these past two weeks—the warmest winter games ever.


Number of Yale Olympians. Also, number of Yale Olympians who medaled. <3 Congrats to Phoebe Staenz, ES ’17, for winning the bronze medal in women’s ice hockey for Switzerland!

Sources: 1) Businessweek 2) The Guardian 3) NBC, the black hole of Russian media 4) CNN 5)

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