Index: March 30, 2016

Yale Corporation

6 – Yale trustees confused to discover that the Schwartzman Center will not contain the world’s largest cape shark aquarium.

35 – number of commemorative shovels held by Yale Corporation board members in the last calendar year.

0 – number of non-commemorative shovels (or tools of any kind) held by Yale Corporation board members from 1701 to 2017.

2 – newly vacant seats on the board after financiers William Kennard ‘81 and Lei Zhang ‘02 learned that the Yale Corporation was not, in fact, an investment vehicle for its trustees.

9 – trustees ticketed for jaywalking across Elm during the Yale Corporation’s last meeting.

1 – protest staged against the Corporation in order to expedite the formation of the Sasha Pup Replacement Committee.


6 – definitely not a cape shark

35, 0 – a disgruntled shovel-holding instructor’s tell-all memoir

2 – closed caption footage showing

9 – police log from February 18th

1 – an angry press release from a tearful student activist

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