Index: November 18, 2016

19 – margin of victory of the 2015 contest; also, number of cranberries Harvard President Drew Faust can fit in her mouth at one time, five fewer than Yale President Peter Salovey

9 – number of consecutive Harvard victories in The Game; or, cups of Boston clam chowder you can buy in lieu of purchasing a ticket to the tenth.

3 – number of quarterbacks Yale has started this year; coincidentally, also the number of points an average Bulldogs fan thinks a touchdown is worth.

26 – lunar cycles between now and the next time The Game will occur in Cambridge; three fewer than the number of Supreme Court Justices produced by Yale and Harvard Law Schools.

$9.99 – amount of money I spent on 1-month subscription to Tinder Plus to be able to change swiping location to Harvard Yard.

0 – number of actual football fans that care about outcome of mid-major FCS clash between two teams not eligible for postseason play.


19 – Salovey’s dark web vlog repository

9 – phone call with Mike, owner of Mike’s Diner, 3x winner of “Boston’s Shittiest Diner” award

3 – the news, informal survey

26 – Poor Richard’s Almanac and an abacus

$9.99 – my mom’s angry voicemail after receiving iTunes receipt

0 – Twitter search of “harvard-yale” yields no indication that anybody important cares

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