Dispatches from Sterling 6M

“Carpe diem!”

“Wolves do not lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

“I want to cry! don’t cry, have a whale!”

“Let the record reflect that reducing reading week in 2012 was a horrible idea. Truth. Werd”

“May 5 2010: EB – researching elephants
December 2 2010 EB analyzing theory theory
March 1 2011 EB comparing chimps and assassin bugs
November 17 2011 EB – researching self assembly in insect societies
December 10 2011 EB debating philosophical zombies”

“Bessie, Welcome Back! – Sports March 3, 1987”

“Am I content or just giving up?”

“Foucault isn’t dead”


“Pretty view out this window.”

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