How to: dress in style for the Harvard-Yale tailgate

Note: Saybrook students should wear clothes that will not be too difficult to remove in the third quarter.

Rule 1: Do not wear Crim**n.

Rule 2: Wear only your Egyptian cotton class sweater if you would like your Egyptian cotton class sweater to smell like hot dogs, PBR, and sweat. I wouldn’t know, but I would imagine that this isn’t how an Egyptian cotton class sweater is supposed to smell.

Rule 3: Think about what message you’re trying to send. When you go home and have awkward reunions with friends from high school, do you spend more time lecturing them on the differences between Marlowe’s Dr. Faustus and Goethe’s Faust, or do you try to convince them that Yale students know how to have fun? (“We all went to an orchestra concert at midnight on Halloween!”). Does it make you more upset that your friends back home can take “Lifetime Sports” for a letter grade, or that they go out five times a week? As the ESPN camera pans across the student section and broadcasts your face across national TV, do you want your outfit to say: “Look, I’m fun!” or “I’m on ESPN, watching football, and I wrote three pages of my final paper this morning”? The choice is yours.

Given these rules, a few recommendations:

  • The Canadian Tuxedo. An all-denim classic that doubles as a tribute to Tyler Varga.
  • All-encompassers: onesies, morph-suits, footie pajamas, rompers, body paint.
  • The Safety Dance Outfit you never got to wear. (Waste not, want not.)
  • Your grandparent’s non-denominational holiday sweater.

Unless you’ve already got the clothes, it may be tough to put an outfit together by Saturday. Then, default to the “Proud Yalie Outfit.”

There are plenty of ways to complete this look, but make sure that you’re warm. You’ve got the classic Y (white on blue, blue on white); you have your crewnecks that say “YALE” (in Yale font!); you (I hope) have your Egyptian cotton. If you haven’t already bought your sweater, consider going a size up for the Game. Cambridge is a dark, windswept, icy place—it’s going to be frigid up there. You better bring some layers.

Then again, nothing quite says “I go to Yale” more than a blazer, slacks, and a small sticker on your left breast pocket that says “Proud Yalie.” I saw a 30-something guy wearing this exact outfit at the Yale-Princeton game. It’s time to live up to his legacy.

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